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Reviews Written by kimricequeen

April 18, 2011
The colors are beautiful...
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The colors are beautiful and I love the different functions the highlighter offers. It is also very smooth to highlight with. No complaints from me! Now i'm just waiting to see how long the ink will last for....

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April 18, 2011
Aesthetics - 5/5 Functionalit...
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Aesthetics - 5/5
Functionality - 4/5
Although the body is great and has an eraser small enough for those small mistakes, the eraser does not erase very well and i'm sad to say that my normal block erases better than it. Nevertheless, the eraser is still a great buy for its price.

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April 18, 2011
I absolutely adore these...
Verified Purchase
I absolutely adore these gel pens! The colors are spectacular, the ink erases unbelievably well and the pen writes comfortably with a consistent flow. I recommend these pens for everyone despite it's price but I advise the people who work in a classroom to keep these pens in a secretive place because students WILL steal them and won't feel guilty about it. _:l