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This pen is the first...
January 3, 2013
This pen is the first fountain pen that I absolutely love from the start. Above all, the nib is really fine, so this pen is suitable even for microtip enthusiasts like me. The construction feels solid, it really is not a cheap plastic, the pen is a little heavier than it might look. It feels good in my hands both with and without the cap, whose mechanism seals the pen perfectly, I also enjoy the capping sound. The blue color shines, but if I knew I would be trying different inks, I would more likely choose a beige one. To sum up: A perfect pen that is going to be my sole writing utensil for a long time.
And a little note: People...
December 26, 2010
Verified Purchase
And a little note: People complain about the ink skipping in other colors’ reviews… I experienced the same thing, especially with blue ink, but after I wrote a few sentences written (or the pen defrosted after shipping) the flow improved dramatically.
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I longed for this pen...
December 20, 2010
Verified Purchase
I longed for this pen so much that I had it shipped to Europe. And I'm astonished! The design is just as good as the pictures show and it writes as well, or even better, as the standard Acroball. The refills are the same size as the standard Super Grip / Réx Grip ones, so (presuming that these refills are found easily) you don't have to fear that this pen will stop writing until the regular refills come out. The only glitch may be that there is just three strips of plastic under the grip, the rest is just the rubber – it makes the grip softer, but it also shows through a little. I think the black version wouldn't have this problem.
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