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Reviews Written by jdieud

March 16, 2014
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This review addresses some characteristics not expanded in the excellent and comprehensive posting here ("Try this paper just ..."). Writing applications are very well covered there. This is for those who need more information for their paper projects other than correspondence.
This medium is surprisingly brawny for such a thin paper. It stands up well to wet media (transparent watercolors, brushed inks), paper mechanics (origami, pop-up pagination, envelopes, Japanese fans and lanterns), and one-off prints (linoleum block, rubber stamp) for tipping-in by custom book makers. Wet media pucker occurs but relaxes when the medium dries, returning to a flat and dimensionally stable condition.
The paper does not dilute black into a gray by absorption resulting in an extremely pleasing contrast ratio. There is a high fidelity of wet and dry colors on this white. The high contrast between black and white makes this a perfect vehicle for any reproducible need. Very thin for intricate pin-point accuracy with swivel cutters. Minimum amounts of feathering and bleed through makes this paper wonderfully receptive to extreme detail in printing and manual artwork (specifically pen and ink).
The surface can be reworked after ink-jet printing and heat does not seem to change the texture or media acceptance.
Extremely resilient under repeated back-and-forth creasing (does not tear but hinges, instead).
Archival characteristics are unknown but this paper is impressively versatile for everyday use by artisans.

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