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Reviews Written by RoysterSB

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Pilot G-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen - 0.4 mm - Blue - PILOT 35492
  No-nonsense implement...., March 20, 2014
No-nonsense implement. The 0.4 tip seems impossibly thin; I'm tempted to get the 0.25 own to see if it curs the paper. Smooth writing feel, consistent color.
Kutsuwa Dr. Ion Multi Work Case - Size A4 (13.8" X 9.4") - Blue - KUTSUWA 104DRBL
  I don't mean to get gushy,..., January 7, 2014
I don't mean to get gushy, but I love this. It gives me the impression that I can carry my writing station anywhere, and I really can: a full-sized writing tablet, looks paper, three pens, a pocket for envelopes, stamps & seals, and another pocket for a phone, and I can sneak my mini-tab in here, too, if I'm having trouble unplugging. It cleans well, too: the coffee smudges from the table wash right off with a wet cloth. The sack is even (a little) water-resistant -- don't press this one, though. A great gift for the cafe writer, or that one who leave papers helter-skelter in his wake.
Lamy Nexx Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Red - LAMY L85M
  Writes like a dream...., November 15, 2013
Writes like a dream. I got a converter so I can use it forever.

Downside - the clip can break.
Tombow AirPress Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Clear Body - TOMBOW BC-AP20
  I love this pen in writing..., October 31, 2013
I love this pen in writing performance, design, and versatility. The only problem is that because it will write anywhere ... and it will ... I will take it anywhere. I've had two of them, and it's the only model pen I've lost in the five years that I discovered implements beyond Bic. It's too damn excellent for its own good.
Kutsuwa Stad K'Zool Multi Pencil Sharpener - Pink - KUTSUWA RS007PK
  I don't like pencils,..., April 14, 2012
I don't like pencils, but this sharpener makes pencils fun. The dial-your-point feature works perfectly, and your pencil will be honed to a fine point or a broader, gentler tip. The cover to the shreddie receptacle can slide freely, but it's a minor distraction. I wish I could read Japanese so I'd know exactly how to use the push button on the dial... do I push it in to turn or not.

These are work great, look great, and are neat.
E+M Think Big 5.5 mm Lead Sharpener - Walnut - E+M FSC 2887-46
  This just wasn't what..., February 9, 2012
This just wasn't what I expected. True, one of the photos does show that this is a thumb-sized sharpener. And, true, the name and description do say this sharpens 5.5 mm leads. But what you don't realize until you get it is that it's tiny, and no regular pencil fits it. ( is the lead fits into a lead holder) It is beautifully smooth and shiny, but useless for the casual pencil user's needs.
Pilot FriXion Color-Pencil-Like Erasable Gel Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - Ultramarine Blue - PILOT LFP-13F-F13
  This is a joy to write..., July 29, 2011
This is a joy to write with, and the ink is truly, nearly magically, erasable.

Take heed: "Please keep in mind that due to difference in design, the Pilot FriXion Color-Pencil-Like pens have a shorter lifespan when in use, compared to the regular FriXion line of gel pens." This pen burns ink... but what a joy while it lasts.
Sharpie Mini Permanent Marker - Fine Point - Pack of 4 Basic Colors - SANFORD 35113PP
  Sharpies are Sharpies,..., July 29, 2011
Sharpies are Sharpies, but these are worth a word on how well the pen hardware works. These are ideal for latching onto a lanyard so you have a good pen handy wherever you might be. The cap fastens securely to the body, and the metal ring is attaches to a swivel connection to the cap. Ordinary motion doesn't wrench the cap off, exposing the permanent ink tip.

These are great, and it's going to take me a long time to lose them.
Pentel Tradio EnerGel Combo Gel Ink Pen - Nature Matte Body - 0.7 mm - White Body - Black Ink - PENTEL TRL92W-A
  This pen is so light,..., October 19, 2010
This pen is so light, and writes smoothly. The white barrel gets dirty very quickly from day-to-day dust and grime.
Nomadic PD-02 Triple Pouch Pencil Case - Black - NOMADIC EPD-02 BLACK
  I'm happy -- I think..., October 5, 2010
I'm happy -- I think I got the last one in stock! I've had my fancy writin' pens bouncing around for a while, and now they're all stylishly in one place. I needed this for sanity and organization, but it looks cool, too. No real reason the outer compartments are mesh while the middle isn't, but that only adds to the stylishness.

To Jet Pens' credit, the pricing is fair: mine included the price tag in yen from the Japanese store, and at today's exchange rate it cost about US$11.70 - $12 on this site.
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