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this pen was very, very...
October 1, 2015
Verified Purchase
this pen was very, very fluid and gorgeous. lines were lush and black, perfect size variation and it could go from super thick to hair thin all in the movment of the hand. I fell in love with it. as a traditional artist who uses markers, however, i clashed with this pen often. the ink would never dry, and i'd have to leave the ink to sit alone for anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to make sure that when I erased the pencil underneath, it wouldn't smudge and ruin everything. It also ruined marker tips, and I had to leave the inked pieces alone overnight before colouring them otherwise my marker tips would be black adn the ink would bleed. and don't start me with watercolours. its a beautiful pen, but there was so much difficulty and i'm sure you can get the same gorgeous lines and wonderul abilities from somewere else.
i carried this thing...
October 1, 2015
Verified Purchase
i carried this thing around like a lifeline the moment i pulled it out of the packaging. it became my go-to for everything, from nonstop note-taking to writing to sketching and drawing. i ADORED the thin pen and the faint scratchy-like quality of the lines when you rush it over the paper. (that was a set-back of the pen, but it played to my advantage since i liked the feel of it). And every now and then, a splotch of ink, from a speck of ink to a few millimeters of stain, would end up on my hand but I paid it no mind. However, after a month of constant use, I stopped using it as constantly, and it was out of use for about a few weeks. After deciding I wanted to use it again, i opened it and my hand was assaulted with large stains where I held it everytime. The ink would bleed out of the sides and all over me, and the consistency of the lines went from invisible to flooding the paper. It was horrible. A week later, the pen dried out from all of it coming out of the sides. if you plan on buying this pen, be ready for something like this to happen; don't leave it in one place for a long time and be sure to be using and shaking it constantly so you don't end up like me. I loved this pen dearly but it was a pain to have hands that were pitch black and lines that were illegible after an hour of lecture.
favorite pen currently!! I...
November 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
favorite pen currently!!
I bought this simply because it was cheap, and I needed to push my order over 25$ because I'm not willing to pay for shipping. So I didn't know what it was, but I needed a small liner for details and figured "it's cheap, why not". Got it and was definitely surprised at how easily it writes. I bought this at the end of August as sort of a "back-to-school" order, and this instantly became my go-to for not only doodles, but intricate pieces, as well as taking notes in all of my classes.

Is it good? Yes! As long as you give it time to dry, it doesn't bleed when erasing pencil, and alcohol-based markers (Like Prismacolor and Copic) work beautifully with it. And it's waterproof! But for all pens like this, give them time to really dry out or it will bleed like nuts. Favorite pen in the world right now, and I've only just recently started seeing the drying out after months of nonstop use.
not a bad pen,, I mean,...
November 2, 2014
Verified Purchase
not a bad pen,,
I mean, for the price that it is, this pen does a pretty good job. But, as expected for the shockingly low price, there are always drawbacks that make this pen less attractive.
1. Not a thick, consistent line. Say you have an alcohol-based marker, and you want to cover up a spot where you went outside of the lines. Is it going to cover it 100%? No. Will it cover sufficiently? Yes. About 60-70% (Which isn't desirable, but you are paying less than two dollars for this pen, so you have to deal with it.)

2. Line hollows out in the middle. So you have a dark surface, and drawing a simple straight line will prove this point easily. Even with a brand new pen, fresh out of the packaging and shaken a few times for ink consistency, this pen will pull ink, but it will look like two lines with space in between them instead of one thick line.

3. Not purely white. Doesn't make that much sense, since it's sole purpose is to be pure white, but whatever. Draw on a black surface. Dried watercolor ink, alcohol markers like Prismacolor/ Copic, whatever. The jelly pen will look light gray, not 100% white.

Do I reccomend it? Yeah, it's not too bad. Most of the time you'll get what you're looking for with this cheap pen. I've been using them for about a year now, and starting buying the different colors at Michaels.
Is it a good white pen? I guess. I have yet to find a better one, and these last a pretty long time as long as you are using them constantly. Letting them sit un-used is a reaaallly bad idea (it ruined a brand new pen for me!) ((I've boughten a bunch of these))
Is it worth the price? Yes. Because 9/10 times, if you're buying a white ink pen for this price, it's your first one, and it will be the best thing in the world to you until you find a slightly more expensive better one.
So give it a try! Every time I place a JetPens order, my friends all make me order a few of these and pay me back when the order comes.
perfect for bold lines! i...
July 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
perfect for bold lines!
i bought this because someone I know uses them and they looked pretty nifty. And at 2.50 each I was willing to try them out. They came in, and they're perfect.

I've used it for 2 months now and not a single hair of it has frayed off, like my Sakura Lining set. The lines are staggered and vary from thin to thick, swooping and just downright gorgeous.

The ink is perfectly black, it tones well with my black Prismacolor and everytime i start a line, I get a beautiful, dark ink. If you are a fan of bigger lines, this is the pen for you.

The fine isn't really as small as I had hoped (it's probably the equivalent of a .8mm - 1mm) , but compared to the medium it's small. The only time I had it fray, it was one single string that could be easily removed with tweezers, and the pen was as good as new.

I've left it uncapped for hours, ran it under water by accident, drawn lines through puddles of wet paper, swirled and stabbed it into my sketchbook and this is the MVP of art supplies. Super super recommend to anybody who needs a liner!

I'ts still the same beautiful dark black it was when I opened and tested it. This is my love and my life right now.

I'm probably going to start buying these in bulk and handing them out to my friends as gifts. Whenever they come over, they use it. It sometimes goes a little dry when you draw a really long, extended line, but that's probably because I usually forget to cap it.
TLDR: buy this. 15/10 definitely recommend.
great liner! i draw/write...
May 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
great liner!

i draw/write in a very sketchy manner, constantly overlapping my lines and making things look messy/rugged, and when i bough this it was perfect! The tip is protruding very far out of the pen (i have bad experience with pens and concave tips) the pen itself writes smoothly (though the ink looks pretty gray when placed on top of pencil, erase the pencil and it will be a very pretty, dark black colored ink!) it does details very well, since most of my before thin pens have been worn down/dried and i have nothing but stocky markers :(

i love thin pens and this is a great pen for lining, sketching, writing, or anything you would need a smaller sized for (like detaails!)

the only thing i could see as a problem with this is that if you press very lightly at the end of a stroke, the gets sort of scratchy and leaves visible holes, so make sure to use constant pressure when using this pen!
wonderful pen! this...
May 28, 2014
Verified Purchase
wonderful pen!
this is everything i need, squished into one pen.

The black ink is dark and writes incredibly smooth. The second I put the tip on paper, it wrote evenly and smoothly, without and bumps or ink delays. The red pen is wonderful and vibrant, and you can apply different amounts of pressure to recieve anything from a soft pink to a stark crimson. This too is very smooth and comes out easily with no problems. The mechanical pencil is also fabulous, and it comes with lead and is very smooth. The transition between the three is very smooth, the three tabs are sturdy even when I clicked the pen back and forth for quite some time in my free time.

This is a wonderful pen, and I would 100% recommend it to anyone who needs a compact pen/pencil tool!
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this is a pretty nice...
May 21, 2014
Verified Purchase
this is a pretty nice pen!

I bought it from Michael's, and now I;m buying an new one from here :D
I used Prismacolor and Copic markers, and when I need to highlight or accent dark things, this pen works pretty well. If you make a mistake and color out of the lines (or always color out of the lines, like me) it does a nice job of covering up... about 60- 75% of the stain. watch out for dark colours.

Though it does run a little dry if not used for a bit, and sometimes instead of solid lines, it leaves the inside blank, overall it does it's job. And for a nice price, as well! I guess you get what you pay for.

You can't really overlap with this- one coat and it will just junk up and gross-ify itself if you try to make a second coat. So don't do that. But in itself, it's not a bad pen. I recommend it to anyone who needs a quick white jelly pen! My friends all steal this from me when we're together.

great product!
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