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Uni Alpha Gel Slim Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - White Grip - UNI M5807GG1P.1
  Love this MP. Regular..., January 25, 2012
Love this MP.
Regular Alpha Gel MP (fat barrel) is great for long-duration writing; however, I have less control on letters. This Alpha Gel Slim series give me wonderful control, as well as comfort. Also, its design is sleek and chic.

So far, there is no Cons !! (maybe a bit pricey?)

Pilot FriXion Color-Pencil-Like Erasable Gel Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - Cherry Blossom Pink - PILOT LFP-13F-F07
  lovely, Cherry Blossom..., January 25, 2012
lovely, Cherry Blossom Pink. It almost looks like milky pink, but has more vibrant tones. Love drawing flower petals with this pink pen. Just buy it, you don't regret it.

Uni Jetstream Standard Ballpoint Pen - 0.5 mm - Black Ink - Lavender Body - UNI SXN15005.34
  "Skipping" never happened..., January 25, 2012
"Skipping" never happened to my Jetstream pen... It always writes smooth.
Jetstream is unique, functional pen I fell in love with. Never smear, best ink flow, so smooth. You cannot go back to regular oil-based ball point pens after you experience Jetatream series.

You know, regular pens use gravity to make smooth ink flow. You shouldn't use regular pens in horizontal position, (such as writing upside down, marking on a wall calendar, etc.) because the air gets in through the pen-tip, and it eventually causes line skipping. Exceptions are those "space pens." Power Tank has this function of "pressured gas pushing ink" technology.

Con of Jetstream pen is bleedthrough... it doesn't, when you write, then after couple of months, letters start showing oily residue & mild bleedthrough. So it is not great for journaling, but excellent for business use, daily use, student use.

Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec Shaker Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - White Flash Body - PILOT HDGS-60R-FW
  I have been using Dr..., January 25, 2012
I have been using Dr Grip series over decades.
It was must-have item when I was in elementary to high-school in Japan. Great grip, shaker function, and cool colors. Only con is that its grip gets yellowish, sticky, and dirty over 1-2 years. I guess, you can buy a new Dr.Grip every 1-2 years. Also, you can personalize it by inserting small-sized photo/art. I inserted a picture of my cat.

Pilot Opt Shaker Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Stardust Blue Body - PILOT HOP-20R-SD
  Amazing MP. For its..., January 25, 2012
Amazing MP.
For its affordable price, functional technology, and chic design. Its tip is metal & reliable, you can write precisely with minimum effort. The grip is hard rubber, which gives you maximum control & comfort. Clip is firm.

And its design... oh so beautiful. I got Stardust Blue. I just enjoy staring at my Opt MP. This MP makes studying & writing such a fun activity. Great for students, medical professionals, and travelers !!

Saki P-661 Roll Pen Case with Traditional Japanese Fabric - Dark Red - SAKI 661152
  The design is very nice...., January 25, 2012
The design is very nice. Traditional Japanese Kimono design.
I gave this to my friend as a gift for her art exhibition.

Hope she likes it!
Zebra nuSpiral CC Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Light Green Grip - ZEBRA BA-51-CLG
  Shape is interesting..., January 25, 2012
Shape is interesting !! Individual, unique pen.

It writes smooth, and you can hold it without any effort.
The grip collects dusts & cat hair, but my husband likes this pen.
Zebra Surari Emulsion Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - Light Pink Body - Black Ink - ZEBRA BN11-LP
  Very cute ckear pink..., January 25, 2012
Very cute ckear pink barrel :)
The grip is clear color, and it matches with cute pink barrel.
Surari ink is extremely functional, and it never smears.
Pure black color ink. My basic ball-point pen.
Zebra Surari 3C 3 Color Emulsion Ink Multi Pen - 0.7 mm - Blue Green Body - ZEBRA B3A11-BG
  It is so-so pen. I like..., January 25, 2012
It is so-so pen. I like the Surari ink; however, this pen is somehow making ink-leak dots here & there. (Regular Surari ink never does that.)
I love the color of barrel, retractable function, and its clear Blue-Green color. Lovely. My husband uses this as work pen. Not recommended for journal writing... great for work purpose !
Uni Style Fit 5 Color Multi Pen Body Component - Dot Blue - UNI UE5H258D.33
  Cute & functional & lovely..., January 25, 2012
Cute & functional & lovely & minimalist recommended !

Great for using on a schedule book, highlighting & marking.
Not so good for long-time writing due to its ink amount. If you write a lot, you better buy other Signo series, such as Signo RT or Signo(DX UM151). I use Signo RT in Blue Black, and Style Fit for marking & highlighting.

I love the fact that ink refills are Signo line (water-proof ink). Much easier than regular Signo series, because you don' have to push the cap back every time you write. You need several times of practice to get used to its retractable function (the clip part retraction is sensitive). I already have 4 of this series (Uni-ball Style Fit 5 Color), and never bored with it. I have one in every pen case, purse, and desk top pen stand.

I also give this series multi-pen as a gift to my student, and they fall in love !!
I give 1 Pen Body Component & 6-7 colors refills, so that they can enjoy making their own "personalized" multi-pen.

Everybody is Happy with Style Fit : )
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