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Just a quick update,...
July 12, 2014
Verified Purchase
Just a quick update, this pen accepts the 0.38 refills as well. I've since switched over which makes fitting notations in cramped review texts much easier.
The rotational mechanism...
March 14, 2013
The rotational mechanism that is the selling point for this pencil did rotate the lead allowing for a constant 'soft edge' to contact the paper - this provides, as advertised, a uniform line.

Since I write in cursive, I'd rather have a sharper point since I'm not pressing as hard with the lead to create a strong visible line in script. For my writing style I wasn't impressed with the effects overall.

Also note, when I purchased this pen earlier on this website it was $14 for the starter set and is now only $5.
I was previously using...
December 2, 2012
Verified Purchase
I was previously using the Pilot FriXion Multi plastic-bodied pen as my "go-to" for note taking given its ability to write over printed powerpoint slides and erase cleanly when I found better coherence to my thoughts.

My only complaint about the plastic-bodied multi-pen was the lightness of both the black ink and the scratchiness of the red. With this upgraded version, the point of the pen is more heavily weighted by the metal lower body meaning both the black and red are much fuller and visible then before and don't require me to write perpendicular to the page just to get those inks to work appropriately.

Overall I love this pen, but like anything I wish it was cheaper.
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My new 'go-to' pen for...
September 16, 2012
Verified Purchase
My new 'go-to' pen for note taking.

I love having three colors at a time to identify different subjects in my notes without having a mass of pens on my desk.

Also, the ability to erase without smearing or residue means I can use this to write over the top of handouts and lecture slides and correct it later.

As far as the ink: the blue is a dark rich color similar to a rollerball, while the black is closer to a watercolor grey, and the red is a tad disappointing - too light and frequently 'scratching'.
Great pen. Higher visibility...
September 15, 2012
Verified Purchase
Great pen. Higher visibility than I expected, but definitely less than a gel ink or ballpoint would produce. This is a great note-taking pen with no smearing upon erasure that provides a much better set of notes than a pencil ever could. I use this pen for about 5-7 hours at a time with only the occasional ink thinning and have never had a problem described by the other user about "scratching."

Depending on your writing style, this size (0.5mm) or type of ink (water-colorish) might make this pen difficult for you. The scratching requires you to let up on the amount of pressure you put on the pen given the ink is not as a thick as a regular gel pen. Maybe grab a 0.7mm if you have this problem.

Also, if you have a slanted handwriting style like I do (being left handed), the ink doesn't flow as well creating a much lighter line than if you held the pen perpendicular to the paper. I've adjusted my own writing style to work with this pen since I haven't found a better pen for note-taking.
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