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First things first: The...
June 9, 2011
Verified Purchase
First things first:
The pen writes incredibly smoothly and the tip is a lot more durable when compared against other lines such as the popular Pilot Hi-Tec-C.
The rubber grip makes extended writing a little more bearable, but it is not all that effective, and I feel that the grip is placed a little too high for my writing style.

Now the problem:
No matter how orders of this pen I make, the pen begins to skip after merely a few days of usage. I try my hardest to avoid getting anything stuck within the tip of the pen to cause any skipping, but the problem seems to be inevitable and it's quite a nuisance. It's a huge problem, so it detracts one point from my review.
Magnificent Multi Pen...
January 2, 2011
Verified Purchase
Magnificent Multi Pen - $ well spent

--_ Beautiful, sleek, shiny [+]

-Construction and Feel
--_ Sturdy, durable, it all feels right [+]

--_ Writes amazingly smooth; it glides along the paper [LOVE]

--_ Black is black. Red is red. [=]
--_ This is definitely the type of pen where the ink will run out quickly, and since the refills themselves are slim, it will happen sooner [-]
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December 26, 2010
Verified Purchase

- Smooth, fine .4mm point
--_ Writes like a dream [+]

- The ink erases via... friction
--_ Erases very well, as well a regular #2 mark is erased [+]

- Stylish black plastic body
--_ Need there anything else be said aside from the pictures? [+]

- Black Ink
--_ It isn't as dark as regular black gel ink pens, but that really shouldn't matter too much [=]
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Bought this as a gift...
December 26, 2010
Verified Purchase
Bought this as a gift for a girl friend. She likes it a lot.

-Two pen components
--_ Writes very smoothly [+]

-One .5mm pencil component
--_ It does its job [+]

-Smooth twist mechanism
--_ No(t) secure (enough) incremental switching. Especially for the pencil [-]

-Beautifully black
--_ Plastic construction feels cheap [-]
--_ It's very, very lightweight [+/-]
Pretty solid pencil....
December 26, 2010
Verified Purchase
Pretty solid pencil.
All-metal construction so that it won't be breaking in the near future.
Tip is too long.
Grip: Fantastic; the rubber dots on the grip make it very comfortable to hold, while the overall texture makes it non-slip

Clip: My favorite feature. It locks on to papers and other things securely. It is also the mechanism that keeps the vanishing point tip for the lead feed to stay out. When clicked, the vanishing point retracts.
*FUN NOTE* If you remove the cap concealing th eraser, and then retract the tip, it will launch the eraser out. I find this particularly entertaining.
Complaint: The distance from the grip to the point is too far. It requires me to write at an uncomfortably low angle compared to my regular writing style.
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I'd just like to re-review...
November 13, 2010
Verified Purchase
I'd just like to re-review this item.

As I said in the prior rating:
It is a beautiful pencil, loose design, and squeaky click mechanism.

Now after having using pencil for a more extensive period:
If we were rating on beauty only- this pencil would receive a 5-Star
If it were rated overall- it would be my new score: 3 stars.

The top half of the pencil (above the metal band in the center) rotates. Initially I enjoyed rotating it, but now it simply squeaks and it really irks me.
The click mechanism was initially reviewed as loose, and squeaky and I didn't mind. Now it bothers the hell out of me and feels like a weak pencil.


Now the biggest complaints:

The grip is just simply too much form, and no function. It's smooth metal, with no rivets or anything. No grip at all. It becomes uncomfortable after a short period of time, and it feels too thick compared to my normal preference to really enjoy. It feels... unnatural.

The feel of the writing just feels really... off. I can't explain. It feels like I'm hardly applying any pressure on the paper and my writing just looks a lot lighter/more faded than normal. From further examination, I've concluded it's the length of the tip of the pencil; it's simply not long enough and my angle of writing had become too high and the lead was not applying enough pressure.


Don't buy a pencil based on beauty alone. This was simply not the pencil for me.
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Absolutely beautiful...
November 3, 2010
Verified Purchase
Absolutely beautiful pencil.

Design: I love the silver color, and it has a very solid, aluminum feel to it. I doubt I'd ever break this.

Grip: I haven't written for extended amounts of time with this beauty yet, but the grip feels just right for my fingers, and I don't think this is going to slip out of my fingers within its lifespan.

Mechanism: The lead feed feels natural and, I-don't-know-how-to-describe, powerful. It has a very satisfying click for each lead advance.

Overall; you CANNOT go wrong with this.
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Great pen, writes well,...
October 29, 2010
Verified Purchase
Great pen, writes well, desperately needs a better grip for extended writing.

One of the better pens I have used, but I frequently run into problems with the ink drying up and requiring a fews seconds of scribbling before ink starts running again.

The tip of the pen is definitely intimidating, but it produces a minor scratching feeling whenever used to write, and that may turn some people off. A little annoyance for me, but no real big deal.

Don't expect to write with this pen for too long, as the barrel is very thin, and the design just starts to hurt your writing hand after a short while.
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Very nice pencil. Beautiful,...
October 29, 2010
Verified Purchase
Very nice pencil. Beautiful, sleek, (maybe minimal?) design.

It is a puny pencil when the cap is on, but average length when in use.

The mechanism may be a hit or miss with some users.

The bodies of the pencil (separated by the metal band in the center) are able to be spun, so it's not a solid design as you may expect. It's 'loose' as the other reviewer described, but I personally just enjoy spinning the pencil during class lectures to pass the time.

The eraser is concealed by a screw-on cap, and will be time consuming whenever an eraser is needed. I use a whole separate click eraser when needed, so it renders the con void (for me), and the flat top just looks very appealing.

The lead advance mechanism has a soft click, and when in use, the cap of the pencil does not securely 'click on' like how it does when used to conceal the tip. But that is unimportant, as it's still securely capped nonetheless.

Nit-picking aside, it's an amazing pencil.
This is, by far, my favorite...
October 24, 2010
Verified Purchase
This is, by far, my favorite in-class notebook pen.
The tip glides across the paper and makes fine, thin lines (which also highly compliment my tiny writing style).
I literally feel like I'm writing faster than normally when I'm using this pen, and I can say I'm extremely satisfied with this purchase.

Nothing much more to say besides individual remarks:
Grip - Just a basic texture plastic grip, but my fingers don't hurt after a while
Ink - Nice and black
Tip - Incredible
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