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Reviews Written by betolung

June 14, 2014
This clutch pencil is...
Verified Purchase
This clutch pencil is awesome! The Sketch Up Softfeeling 5.6 mm Clutch Lead Holder feels quite solid and substantial in the hand thanks to its metal interior mechanism that screws securely into its outer body. Its wide yellow plastic cylindrical barrel rubberized with a matte black coating feels quite comfortable to the touch. It features a convenient lead pointer built-in its push button that screws at the top, and it can quickly produce a short taper point similar to what you can accomplish with a standard pencil sharpener or an E+M Cube lead pointer. It comes loaded with a 5B graphite lead, and there are also colored refills available for it. For further refill options, you can even load it with Cretacolor drawing leads that include oil sanguine and nero leads that given their oil component are pretty smudge-resistant and do not require fixing to stay put. Having a wider barrel makes this clutch pencil a pretty ergonomic choice for live caricature events and drawing on a easel. Saves you the trouble of having to widen a narrow leadholder barrel with tennis wrap. Sleek looking tool that effortlessly becomes an extension of your hand for sketching and shading freely. Particularly well suited for working on larger scale formats. Its compact size make it quite portable and comfortable to carry around all day in your pant pockets. Have been taking it with me quite often to sketch and doodle on the go, and have grown quite fond of it.

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May 14, 2014
The Staedtler Wopex sharpens...
The Staedtler Wopex sharpens easily (with a nice sharp handheld sharpener/my crank pencil sharpeners do not work well on the extruded shaft), and the white eraser featured in this green version works quite well. The lead feels hard and waxy in a good way (reminds me of Japanese premium pencils), and its marks are pretty smudge resistant. The Staedtler Wopex makes for a pretty clean handling sketching tool at a good value point.

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January 30, 2014
Nice addition to a sketching...
Nice addition to a sketching kit for doodling and inking penciled drawings. I really like the hard carrying case of this Uni Brush Pen Set (KFK-501), for its three slender elegant brush pens are always protected, ready for use, and neatly organized. The translucent pen caps can be posted on the opposite end of each pen when in-use, and they close tightly once each pen is back in its case slot. The round bumps near the end of each pen snap into the round holes at the top of the pen case, so the brush pens are locked securely in place and will not fall out even if you shake the case or hold it upside down. I noticed that the fine brush pen tends to yield a bit of a dry-brush effect if you draw too fast with it. The gray pen could be use for shading and adding another dimension to your ink drawings. I find the the pens' minimalist design quite appealing already, and I was quite pleased to discover that they still managed to include a subtle "Japan" and "Mitsubishi" in raised molded lettering near the identifying nib size ring on the end of each barrel.

January 29, 2014
Great addition to a sketching...
Verified Purchase
Great addition to a sketching kit for free hand doodling and inking penciled sketches. Made some quick doodles and let them dry overnight before testing its resistance to water. The dried sketches were not affected by a stream of running tap water in the slightest, so I am pretty confident that this tool will work well with watercolors and other watrer based media. I used both sides of the dual brush pen, and noticed that you can post the cap of one end on top of the other for convenience (less chance of losing a pen cap). The fine felt tip is a bit more rigid and affords more control when making tight drawings. The broad flexible felt nib naturally yields bolder strokes and you can vary the line thickness with a light touch. Nice addition to a brush pen collection.

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October 8, 2013
This set is awesome and...
Verified Purchase
This set is awesome and a great value for 8 erasing pieces (7 animals and the tree stump). My nephews have enjoyed playing with them quite a bit: turning their heads, switching them, taking them apart and putting them back together. Even got to finally test their erasing power with the stem side of a head piece. Yes they can erase graphite marks, but they function better as travel toys, desk decorations, and drawing reference models.

October 6, 2012
It was love at first...
Verified Purchase
It was love at first sight when I first spotted this neat pencil accessory in a Pencil Talk post a few years back, so I was quite pleased to finally find it stateside. In addition to working both as a pencil stub extender and a pencil point protector, it features an extendable twist-advance cap eraser, pocket clip, and lead degree indicator (covering the range from from 2H to 4B including F). Users of premium and vintage wooden pencils would likely find this stylish tool quite pleasing to hold and effective in handling stubs 3-4" in length. It features a matte silver finish, and its brand and degree markings are subtly etched in a glossy shinier finish. The pencil stub is easily secured by tightening the lightly textured grip around it. Its tooth provides a firm grip without being excessively abrasive like the knurled metal grips of many leadholders. Highly recommended.

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August 15, 2012
I can not think of any...
Verified Purchase
I can not think of any 3.0 mm lead holder options (not including the 3.15 mm clutch pencil size) other than the Caran D'Ache Fixpencil 3 as readily available in the market these days. Thus I couldn't pass the opportunity to try this Maruzen Art pencil, and add it to my collection of sketching tools. Given the greater resistance against breakage of wider leads, 3.0 mm is a good choice for heavy handed users that tend to snap off pieces from 2 mm and smaller diameter leads. Since I usually remove them, I do not mind the absence of a pocket clip. Yet with its compact dimensions, it can fit easily within most pockets or pencil case. Just be careful with it since it has a tendency to roll off inclined surfaces. Sleek and comfortable, I have enjoyed doodling and shading with it for the past couple of days during classroom demonstrations. It is easy to lay down thick strokes and large areas of tone quickly with it. The integrated lead pointer works adequately and it is quite convenient when using it as part of a minimalist sketching kit.

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July 4, 2012
While it lacks the flawless...
Verified Purchase
While it lacks the flawless performance that I have come to expect from this brand, this light weight hand crank sharpener for wooden pencils can quickly and efficiently restore functional long points for entire sets of blunt colored pencils in pretty short periods of time making it ideal for classroom use and the studios of heavy pencil-users. Make sure to sharpen a graphite lead between batches of colored pencils to keep it well-lubricated and running smoothly. Recommended.

June 28, 2012
Fun pencil accessory...
Verified Purchase
Fun pencil accessory to round up your stationery fix. The caps naturally protect pencil points from breaking or accidentally stabbing you. Their interlocking feature proved useful for grouping pencils of similar height together and keeping a large pencil case well-organized. Joining 16 caps together in a 3X4 or 4X4 grid created a pretty stable and unique-looking pencil stand. The caps can also work as pencil extenders. My first impression is that these interlocking pencil caps are a pretty fun, useful, and versatile pencil accessory for kids and wooden pencil enthusiasts.

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November 11, 2011
This is an excellent...
Verified Purchase
This is an excellent value packaged in a neat compact card stock tube. Keep in mind that the actual leads bear no markings indicating its brand, origin, and graphite grade. Thus they would be a good choice for users that rely on a single grade in their sketching kits. Alternatively to avoid confusion, you should use them in leadholders with degree indicators or custom mark them yourself.