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Reviews Written by elderscrollsnut

November 26, 2012
I love the concept of...
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I love the concept of this pencil, and the mechanism is pretty nifty. It does seem like you'd benefit more if you were using a larger lead size though. Maybe the rotation speed should be tweaked a bit so that it turns a bit faster, or maybe it's just due to my style of writing.

The Pencil has a good weight to it, and the little rubber pad is in the perfect place for the way I write. It's good enough that I'd buy it even without the rotation mechanism.

November 26, 2012
The pens seem to be well...
Verified Purchase
The pens seem to be well made and are comfortable to use (the case isa nice bonus). The colors are bright and very readable. Unfortunately, some of the pens seem to write much thicker than the other ones. While the black one writes at the correct thickness, the orange one makes much thicker lines and bleeds more.

Maybe I just got a bad batch. If I was basing my review on any of the other colors I'd give them a 5.

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