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I own this pen (X2) in...
July 29, 2014
I own this pen (X2) in solid black but functions exactly the same as this blue demonstrator.

Pros: The section comes apart--a plus, as with another other removable nibs/feeds, for frequent ink change or people who maintain good pen hygiene. The nib is smooth but not glassy for writers who prefer some feedback. The Japanese "fine" writes extra fine (Pilot users will be familiar). The weight is solid but not extremely heavy even when posted. The pen, so far for me, has not dry started (my ink of choice is Noodler's Bulletproof Black) and writes fairly wet but is not a gusher. I carry this pen in my backpack while biking and dashing for the train and never had ink splatter inside the cap.

Cons: The snap-cap action feels light. A screw-on cap would be perfect. The US pricing is on the high side.
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