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I found this pen a "mas...
August 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
I found this pen a "mas o menos" (more or less) product because its just so AVERAGE. But for this price you can't really complain... I'm just sad I invested in two of the replacement inks even though I hate the color of the ink!

> EXTREMELY cheap, refillable fountain pen -- This happens to be my first because of this
> Stands out in America -- No one uses fountain pens at my school, I feel special using it. C:
> The nib is BLUE -- It's so pretty and fun to use

> The line is thicker than I expected
> The ink is not at all like the picture, its like a watery blue black -- It makes me feel depressed because its so gray

I use this pen on papers that I turn in to the classes I really don't care about just for the fact that its fun to write with but is ugly. I write with my nicer pens during my higher level classes.
SUPER CUTE, it reminds...
August 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
SUPER CUTE, it reminds me of a rubber ducky! I love almost every aspect of this pencil!

> Decent price WITH comfortable grip -- There are a lot of $10 pencils with similar looking grips and this one is half the price!
> Adorable colors -- Which is kind of the reason I bought it. Teehee...
> Knock Body Feature -- INCREDIBLY unique. It's fun to click!
> Weight distributed to the front of the pencil -- I'm not sure if it's ergonomically designed but it certainly is SUPER light in the back and doesn't tire my hand out!

> Small, easily lost eraser nib -- The eraser is attached to the nib. While this is certainly different from what we are used to, it is impractical especially when you lose it you happen to lose both the eraser and the cap... I'm keeping a close eye on mine!

I hardly ever use pencils anymore now that I buy all my pens from JetPens but when I do, I choose to write with this one because its cute and fun!
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I REALLY want to like...
August 29, 2012
I REALLY want to like this pen. I WOULD like the color if it didn't keep skipping out on me!

The color is this really pretty lavender color, not at all like royal purple or anything if that's what you're expecting.

The thing is, it's SO hard to write with. I have other colors of the 0.3mm Hi-Tec-C and they all write fine but I'm sure I just ended up with a faulty one. :'( I would send it back to Jetpens but I already used it... I guess I will have to deal until I make another order here with free shipping. :<
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They actually sell these...
August 19, 2012
They actually sell these in America and I actually used these all last year (since America fails to have extra fine tipped pens for small hand writers like me...) But despite their thickness, they are really great pens for everyday use. I liked them a lot better than the pilot ones anywho...

Dark Line
Smooth Line
Ink Comes Out Easily (less pressure can be applied)
On thinner paper, the lines can be thinner (which is useful)
Comfortable Grip

Runs out of ink quickly (but I like that since I feel incredibly accomplished for not losing a pen during it's entire life of ink)

I really like this pen and even though not a lot of people on this site come here for the thicker pens (lol me...) I have grown an attachment to its fluidity and general nice feel. :)
Growing up in America,...
August 19, 2012
Verified Purchase
Growing up in America, my favorite pen all throughout middle school was the Pilot 0.7 Pen because of its dark ink and smooth lines. When I found out they had a 0.5 I immediately grew attached to those because I naturally have small handwriting. In high school I eventually switched to the Zebra Sarasa pens just because they were more smooth but thats beside the point...

BUT when I started working at the froyo place called BerryCup, they had these pens and I was like "woah, these are so cool". So I went to staples to try and find them. Much to my demise, I couldn't find them so I was kind of like... "where did my bosses get these cool pens?" so I googled it and TADAAAA I came here and fell in love with Jetpens because it is an amazing site.

Darkkkkkk ink
Thin for pilot G2 standards
Would look good on a handwritten application for a job or something professional
Good for small handwriting, makes large handwriting look neater
Fairly cheap (in comparison to Hi-Tech-C but of course not as thin)

Writes scratchy on thin pieces of paper

Overall, I'm glad I finally found these pens. I love the blue color and the red is super bright! I'm a huge fan of pilot pens and wish they sold this stuff in american stores...
I was really hoping to...
August 19, 2012
Verified Purchase
I was really hoping to LOVE LOVE LOVE this pen because it was .25 mm and I'm a huge fan of super fine pens. BUT I was kind of disappointed because I found the barrel to be really uncomfortable to write with because it was so small.

Super Fine Tip
Smooth Lines
Good, Well Known Brand
Sure to Impress Others

Uncomfortable, No Grip
Kind of expensive for something that doesn't try to be aesthetically pleasing... Then again I kind of like the simple design.

I'm going to try using other pens of similar fineness but different brands so I'll probably post an update later...

Overall it's a very nice pen to have and use, I can't get enough of the fine point. I will most likely buy this pen again just because I feel happy just knowing I have it in my JetPen stash... (I'm kind of obsessed)
A couple of reasons why...
August 19, 2012
Verified Purchase
A couple of reasons why this pencil is great:

1. It's super adorable (unlike any pencil you can find at an American Staples) It has a pretty pattern on it + I love the combination of white and pink.
2. The grip is really comfortable; not too soft, not too hard
3. When you shake it, the lead comes out (which is kind of useless but nevertheless awesome)
4. It was only $3.30
5. I really like the pencil clip, it's fancier than most

There's no reason why you shouldn't buy this pencil since it is one of the cheapest on this amazingly fabulous emporium of pens. :)
I mainly bought this...
August 19, 2012
Verified Purchase
I mainly bought this pen because of it's great price, small tip, and abundance of ink. Although it is not .25 like the Hi-Tech-C Pilot pens, it is less than half the price. I still really like the Pilot but this one, I will definitely repurchase.

It has a nice, smooth dark line that looks great. It's actually pretty thin and I use it to write small notes on stickies for book annotations. I love how you can see the liquid ink in the body.

Overall, this pen is great and definitely a great addition to any cart to make it to free shipping. :)
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