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edit: It takes me a while...
April 30, 2011
Verified Purchase
edit: It takes me a while to realize this... but the scratchy sound will disappear as the nib is used more. New nibs probably have that sound. It is beautifully flexible. (The only complaint I have now is how to get ink to go on it without the ink ending up in bubbles of ink. I did attempt to melt the wax, but did I not do it well enough?)
So- Five stars~ (at least 4.5 Xp)...
April 30, 2011
Verified Purchase
I AM ADDICTED TO THIS PENCIL (ESPECIALLY THE LEAD)! The pencil has a nice grip and feel to my hand and it's really great, the color. I used to think I would not like blue pencil because it's color never appealed to me. (I usually like dark black pencil lead or glossy black ink.) When I used this pencil though, the softness of the lead (you can press hard, but the lead WILL break if you do), the color (beautiful and soft light sky blue), and the effect it has on my drawings (I think they look better in this lead color than regular 2B lead.)
It's worth the price. (There are two leads in the pencil.)
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Oh dear... I'm going...
April 26, 2011
Verified Purchase
Oh dear... I'm going to ruin the perfect 5 stars this has...
i'm not disappointed with the Zebra G-nib and i was fed with alot of the amazing "this is the best G-nib!" stories. Anyway, I agree with the pros:
-makes thinner lines than the NIKKO G-nib
-holds ink well (i'm not sure... but ink does flow without you seeing it is wet but you have to try all sorts of angles to tempt the ink out)
- THIS IS THE AUTHENTIC ZEBRA G-NIB (I've read before there are "G-nibs" sold but they're not Zebra...though a NIKKO nib is nice too)
-it feels... a bit hard/ scratchy when I use it. Originally, I used NIKKO's and that one flowed smoothly without that slight scratchy feel. i guess it doesn't matter, but it just surprised me a bit
-(well, this one is more my fault) it's tongue is wider than the NIKKO's so it fits in too well into my holder (Speedball Pen Holder Blister - Carded) and so I fit it in a bit less... and when I dipped it in ink for the second time- IT FELL INTO THE INK BOTTLE. Well, I fished it out (yay).
-The case is a lot smaller than I expected...(is this a con-or just me?)
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