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I love the Lamy I've...
August 14, 2013
I love the Lamy I've got, and it's a very affordable and well-built writing instrument. The only thing I am not overly fond of with the Lamy Safari is the shape of the pen where you hold it. If I'm just printing regularly or writing numbers at work, it's just fine. However, I'm trying to learn Spencerian script with the mott media workbooks, and it requires a different writing angle to work comfortably.

If this pen had a round grip, I'd probably never buy another casual carry pen. When I get better, I'll be using pens with a flex nib to do spencerian, but I'd imagine that for anybody who writes cursive on a bit of an angle, you'd do well to double check how you hold the pen and make sure this pen will be comfortable for you. The only reason I'm not giving this a 5-star is more of a user issue than an issue with the actual product. I know a few people who don't find the grip comfortable, but if you're just getting into fountain pens, I'd say it's definitely one to try out.
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