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Reviews Written by cassandra

September 19, 2009
I am so happy to see...
I am so happy to see these notebooks at JetPens. I've been able to get some of these at a local store and can truly say that the MIO paper is perfect for fountain pens. I'm also glad to see that JetPens is stocking both the red-cover A (7mm) and blue-cover B (6mm) line heights. I personally prefer the "B" 6mm size. Thank you JetPens for this great addition to the catalog!

September 3, 2009
These are great highlighters...
Verified Purchase
These are great highlighters and come in an unusual range of colors. Of all the colors (and I have them all) this is my favorite. Not as dark or bright as the regular orange; more interesting and less harsh than the typical fluorescent yellow. This has become my everyday highlighter at work and home.

September 3, 2009
The brown-black Signo...
Verified Purchase
The brown-black Signo DX in 0.5mm is my favorite color and my favorite pen. I love using lots of other colors for fun, but this is the one I come back to all the time. I don't have any trouble telling it from black. It's a lovely dark brown, with no hint of red, giving the impression that some black has been mixed in with the brown. Warmer than plain black, but still serious enough for everyday work use.

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