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Reviews Written by Camilladog

January 16, 2015
This little number is...
Verified Purchase
This little number is a great find, not only a top quality and useful product, but also well-priced, making it an affordable must-have for list addicts like myself! I first purchased it a few years ago, and returned to purchase a few more. I keep one by my computer to write down passwords, notes & phone numbers. I keep another in my purse. I've since purchased plenty of Mnemosyne products & while I'm universally pleased with the quality, I think this is my absolute favorite. I would highly recommend this, but please note the size - this is perfect for notes but not large enough for note-taking for classes or as a diary. Plenty of other Mnemosyne products are available for those purposes, but if you want a cute, high quality 80 sheet spiral notebook that is sure to please, pick up one or more of these babies! You won't be sorry!

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December 1, 2014
I purchased this little...
Verified Purchase
I purchased this little number last month and came today to write a review b/c I have been using it quite a bit. It's not the first case I've purchased from Jet Pens (it might not even be the 10th) but it's the 1st I've reviewed. This case is versatile, portable, attractive and for the most part, very functional. I would give it 5-stars on style, quality and versatility. However, there are a few cons preventing it from that 5th star overall. The case could definitely use more subdivisions in their pen-holding compartments. Even when the pens are clipped to the bands, they shift from side to side. The center pen holding compartment that has a large horizontal bottom "pocket" band is definitely more functional than the left-sided band, but could definitely be improved with subdivisions that would prevent the pens from shifting. The case would also benefit from at least one of the compartments being close-able. Currently, none will close or prevent items from falling out. I use the back compartment for a small memo, ruler & sharpener...all of which fell out during transportation on a short trip in the car (within my backpack). The center webbed pockets are pretty good, in which I keep correction tape and memo tabs.

In summary:
PROS: style, function, number of storage pockets/areas, color, quality, price
CONS: compartments not close-able, pen compartments should be sub-divided to anchor them, could use ruler band on back! :)

In conclusion, I think this is a great little case for the price, and a terrific gift. Even in light of it's shortcomings, it only lost a single star out of five! I would recommend this to anyone who loves pens, and needs a place to store more than just a few!

November 24, 2014
How can I properly express...
Verified Purchase
How can I properly express my love for the Platinum Preppy Fountain Pens without becoming redundant? To be as succinct as possible, I will tell readers that I have so many fountain pens I can barely keep track ranging from cheap to pricey...but this is the one I reach for the highest percentage of the time. It is reliable (for the most part) and don't even get me started on the price. When I saw the "Last Chance" graphic on this item I crammed my cart chock full of them in both medium (this one) and fine....hoping to have enough to get me into the next millennium (for my descendents since barring some Nobel-worthy medical discovery, I do not anticipate living another 986 years!

PROS: Price, reliability, minimal leakage, beautiful array of colors (refill ink), prince (worthy of saying twice) and duration of stock here....I've purchased it over years shopping here.
CONS: Cap Quality - I have had no less than four of these caps crack, rending it unusable. Once it cracks, you're done...I toss it in the circular file. Twice I had the body crack by over-tightening but once I corrected my ink-changing style I haven't had another body crack (in the pen, that is).

I could keep talking about it, but I will allow you time to go buy it before it disappears and we miss our "Last Chance." Consider yourself warned! All I have to say is I hope that Platinum replaces this in their line of fountain pens, since it would be criminal to remove my Preppy without a suitable replacement! :) I'm sure you will agree.

November 21, 2014
I ordered this notebook...
Verified Purchase
I ordered this notebook expecting to like it, as I'm a big fan of the dot pages, and like the places for Page & Date in the upper right hand corner of pages...however I had no idea how pleased I would be! I have a lot of notebooks - perhaps more than I could use in two lifetimes. However, I was impressed enough to make this the first notebook for which I was inspired to write a review. The pages are large, a hair less than 10" in height (vertical) and a bit over 7" in width (including the perforations that go around the spiral). Note that the pages tear right off the spiral, with no perforations that would give a nice edge. Even so, you an still cut the edges of with a paper cutter or scissor....but if I could deduct a half of a star I would - but it's either a 4 or 5, and I think it's way closer to 5 than 4.
Overall the notebook is a nice weight, even heavy (in a good way), and the paper is thick enough so that most pens do not soak through but light enough not to be off-putting. The dots are novel and spacing (5mm) appropriate. I plan to order the lined version, that I believe has a 7mm spacing. I would love this little number in a smaller format for lists, desktop or even a purse pad.

In summation.... PROS: weight, paper thickness, dimensions, dots, layout and more.
CONS: no perforations to make straight edge when torn out!
Great notebook - will order this one again!

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November 5, 2014
Let me begin by saying...
Verified Purchase
Let me begin by saying that I own this pen in all point sizes. It's a go-to writing instrument in other sizes, but sadly this width (the 0.25) falls short. I would definitely avoid the 0.25 mm and go instead to the 0.3mm point. I wanted to like it - I really did. But not only was it unusable from the moment I opened it, it remained that way. Oh the humanity! Maybe I got a bad one. Maybe. But I just cannot bring myself to order a new one and shell out the $3.00 to risk it because I pretty much know where it's going to end - me with another useless pen. Rather today I'm ordering (for the 3rd time), the .3 and .4mm.

I read the other reviews, and while I agree w/ the one suggesting the use of smooth paper, I can attest to the fact that my point failure was NOT operator-error. Mine never worked. This pen's failure was not a casualty of excess pressure, though that could easily happen so be forewarned. My recommendation - click on over to this pen in the 0.3mm and 0.4 mm. Make sure that you note that there's a version w/ a grip and one without (this one). I prefer no grip.

September 11, 2014
I really like the needle...
I really like the needle tip and the balance of width, length and weight. However, the biggest con, and the reason this isn't a 5 is the scratchy nature of the writing experience. The reason I am not giving this pen a lower score is that I'm mainly a printer, and the short strokes I use to form letters are not as negatively impacted as would be in script. I would order this pen again, even though for a scratchy pen, I think the price is perhaps too high a price point. I must disagree with the recommendation of the Uniball Signo over this pen, as that experience is completely different (apples to oranges), and I haven't drank the Uniball Signo Kool-Aid (though I have tried and tried). I am still debating giving this pen a four, but I went back in writing this review, and indeed, the scratchy nature (though not necessarily skipping) really precludes this from being a four. I wish I could give it a 3.75..... :)

September 10, 2014
I came back to re-order...
Verified Purchase
I came back to re-order this pen, and saw only one customer reviewed it thus far. I would give this pen five stars even if it didn't cost this much. I can't even BELIEVE that such a great pen is that inexpensive. For those of you who are reading before purchase, this is a needle-style point, capped pen. The needle is wide enough that it won't bend if you put a bit of pressure on it. It writes evenly and rarely skips. The only con I can think of is that it goes through ink quickly and it can make the other side of the page (if you have paper that isn't too thick) unable to be used because of the thru-paper visibility of the gel ink. You cannot beat the price, and no matter how you think about this pen, it's a win/win! :)

September 10, 2014
I will begin by saying...
Verified Purchase
I will begin by saying if this was based only on my love of the Miffy pens...then it would be a 5 out of 5. However, I have to be honest about the biggest problem with these, skipping. If they wrote consistently, they could be twice the price and STILL a bargain. But since I'm now passing them up in lieu of pens that write smoothly, I feel I have to post a review. For price, they are clearly a 5/5. For color variety, also a 5/5. But overall I must confess, they are getting a 3/5. Every few words, they don't write. I have to either stop and shake it down and facilitate inkflow on another page, then start again or keep going over the same letter a few times, which ruins the look of my page. I love these budget-conscious scented little numbers? Heck yes! But I'm frustrated with the stop and go way in which they write. And I have at least 20 of them - and all of them share the same "skippy" nature to them, so I didn't get a lemon (if that's what you were thinking). Love 'em but must confess that I will wait before ordering more so maybe they fix the problem. I hope in six months I'm 100% wrong & I can come back and post an addendum!

May 21, 2014
AMAZING pen - one of...
Verified Purchase
AMAZING pen - one of my go-go gel ink writing implements. However, I prefer the better-flowing 0.4mm to the 0.3mm. However, I would give this a 4.5 stars since I'm buying yet ANOTHER black 0.3mm Maica right now... so I cannot say it isn't great. The limitations are as follows: 1) Scratchy in some instances but not all 2) occasionally skips 3) Fragile tip so it would be of limited use for heavy-pressing writers. Great pen at a great price. Once again, if I could I would give this a 4.5 instead of a 4, but that's sadly not an option. It's a great part of my pen portfolio & I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

May 21, 2014
I have no less than 15...
Verified Purchase
I have no less than 15 of these babies....ranging in point size. But my absolutely favorite is the 0.4mm black pen. It's a serious bargain and it lasts a very long time. Granted, I have at least 4 on my desk at any given time, so I've never used one exclusively to the end of the ink capacity. The one thing to be careful with is the delicateness of the point. If you are a hard-pressing writer, perhaps you should re-consider the purchase. But if you are average to delicate, this is your pen. The 0.4mm rarely skips (0.3 occasionally has an ink flow issue) and does not bleed or soak through. It's versatile, attractive and one of my go-to pens. It's a gem in every point size, but by far the 0.4mm is the reigning king of the Maica Gel Ink kingdom!