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When I first started...
November 21, 2013
Verified Purchase
When I first started writing, this pen was great. Nice fine line, consistent ink, did three pages of notes without trouble. The next day (today) I go back to my notes (pen has been capped and stored point down, as I keep all my pens) and 3/4 of a page in, the ink is drying out. It's inconsistent, and only picks back up when I shake the pen, which results in an inconsistent, messy looking page of text.

Would have given this a great review- if I only planned to use it for one day. As it is, the 0.3 Hybrid Technica by Pentel has all the same benefits, and has lasted much longer than one day of writing without giving me trouble. If this one gives out on you quick like it did to me, you might check out the Pentel.
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