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May 29, 2014
Verified Purchase
I recently purchased this insert for a Kickstarter pen that I received as a review. I have always loved fine point pens, but my experience ended at the .5mm pens available at regular box chain stores. Upon learning that there was a substantially finer tipped refill available I had to try it. After using this for a few days I have to say that this is my new pen of choice. Its requires no "startup" time to get the ink flowing, and it has been nothing but consistent for me. Absolutely flawless and I am extremely happy with the purchase. I will be buying more, and from this location from now on for all my pen needs. Lightning fast delivery at a great price. If I am NITPICKING and LOOKING for something bad to say the only thing I can think of is extremely fast writing might cause skipping of the ink. I am a fairly fast writer and I have had no issues at all. However, most people sign their signature quite fast, and that is the only place I have had an issue. Easy fix - write signature slower. For me, this is by no means a hindrance to this product and will not prevent me from using this as my primary pen from here on out.
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