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Reviews Written by kibokibo+jp

December 1, 2011
Oh, and to my previous...
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Oh, and to my previous comments I'd like to add: This isn't the darkest black ink around, so I'd consider it an "everyday black" ink and not one for fine artwork/calligraphy. (On glossy paper, it can look a little gray.) But still, it's affordable and has a pretty bottle.

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December 1, 2011
I'm fascinated by the...
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I'm fascinated by the weird bottle this ink comes in. The ink is in the top half, which is a saucer-shaped glass bottle with a thick base so that the ink appears to be floating above the bottom half, which is black plastic with a spool of blotter paper inside. (There's a lot of paper in there -- the coil fills up almost the entire bottom. The glass and plastic halves snap together, which might be useful if you want to hide something else in there.) Because of its sandwiched layers, the bottle is significantly wider than most other ink bottles.

50ml isn't quite as big a bottle as some other brands (such as the 80ml Diamine) but it's a good price, it's a snazzy bottle, and hey, free strip of fuzzy paper. I'm no fountain pen ink expert, so all I can say about the ink itself is that it writes properly and is black. I use premium brands like Diamine when I want exotic colors, but for plain black I like this chubby bottle.

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December 1, 2011
Diamine's "Oxblood" is...
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Diamine's "Oxblood" is a very dark maroon/burgundy color. On glossy bright white paper, it'll be an amazing nearly-dry blood color, especially if your pen is wet enough to have it bead up nicely at the ends of strokes. On matte paper, where colors always look darker, it'll be a reddish-black (the color of a ripe dark cherry's skin.)

It reminds me of the "Burgundy" color of the Marvy/Uchida Calligraphy markers. It's darker than the Kuretake Zig Letter Pen CocoIro's "Bordeaux" color (which JetPens sells as "blood red".)

I think this is the darkest red in the current Diamine range. If you want a red that's a little more vivid, you might consider Diamine's "Maroon".

The bottle is, as expected, heavy glass with a hard plastic cap, but note that you might not get the marbled green cap shown in the photos here -- my bottle has a solid black cap.

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November 22, 2011
This is a nice burgundy...
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This is a nice burgundy color, but it's a little too transparent to pass as real blood -- it's got a sort of watercolor quality to it. It's very close to the Marvy Uchida burgundy, but a little more transparent. It's roughly the same deep red with a hint of purple as partly-dry blood (not as red as freshly-spilled blood, not as brown as old dried blood) but not as opaque as real blood. (If that's your thing, you might want to try using an opaque acrylic paint instead.)

The Zig pens have a bit of a brush quality to them (with a small, mostly-stiff point) that gives a line quality similar to a Tradio/Pulaman/Fountain Pentel, but the Zig has many more color options. The Tradio/Pulaman/Fountain Pentels go "scratchity scratchity scratchity" when you write -- and sometimes "spit" little droplets in a random direction. The Zig writes more quietly, and has similar thicks and thins, but without the occasional spitty surprise. I personally prefer writing with the Tradio/Pulaman/Fountain Pentels, because their scratchiness grips the paper firmly and their ink is a bit darker, but I suspect most people will prefer the Zig's predictability and wider range of colors.

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