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As always, when I buy...
March 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
As always, when I buy from JetPens, this pen arrived very quickly after I ordered it.

The other reviews of this pen have focused on writing and haven't been that favorable, but as an artist who sketches out in the field I think it is just fabulous! I can get very fine and very fat lines all from one pen by changing the angle of the nib. I've tried many different kinds of pens and have never quite been satisfied with what I'm able to do with any given tool. This pen has changed all of that and I'm really not sure how I've survived as an artist all these years without one!

I would have given it a perfect rating but for one thing and that is it's miniscule ink reservoir. I've used the same reservoir in my Sailor HighAce Neo Beginner's fountain pen and have had to carry ink with me when I'm out sketching because, even with that fine nib, I can't finish an 8 x 5 inch sketch with the ink available. The Sailor DE Brush Stroke Pen uses far more ink because of it's ability to make fat lines and, thus, runs out much faster. The pen body is quite long -- it would be great to have a reservoir that would easily fit in it and allow for more drawing time before stopping to refuel.

I have small hands and was worried that the fuller body might be a problem for me but it's very light-weight and has been easy to use.

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