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Reviews Written by tanushkagupta

December 14, 2010
I wouldn't get this if...
I wouldn't get this if I were you. )=

Not that great!

December 13, 2010
This pencil sucks. I...
This pencil sucks. I have two one purple and one green and they work horrible. Get the oxy gels. They are better. Grip is less soft than the ox gels. Ox gels have squishy grip. More comfortable than dr grip.

December 13, 2010
I like this one too....
Verified Purchase
I like this one too. Just remember not to write with this pencil when you have ink on your hands becauz when you do, the grip is white so the grip will change color and it is not cool. But otherwise it is awesome!

December 13, 2010
I like this pencil a...
Verified Purchase
I like this pencil a lot too. This color is the best than the other colors in this series. My friend had the dark blue one and it was ugly. My friend had the pink one but it was not that great. The green was okay. If you want one from this series, get this color. It is amazing!

December 13, 2010
This pencil is amazing....
Verified Purchase
This pencil is amazing. You should totally get this!





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