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Pentel Slicci Gel Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - Blue Ink - PENTEL BG207-C
  Great pen. Like others,..., April 4, 2014
Great pen. Like others, I think it writes very well. However, the ink reservoir is tiny. These things run out of ink super quick in the 0.7mm tip size. Also, the cap does not positively engage the end of the barrel when posted; it is merely friction fit. If you like the needle tip, I think the Pilot Hi-Tec C is a better pen at this price point.
Pilot Choose Gel Ink Pen - 0.7 mm - Black - PILOT LCH-10F-B
  Oh, it pains me to write..., April 4, 2014
Oh, it pains me to write this review. I am a huge fan of Pilot's products, from their inexpensive gel pens all the way up through their impressive fountain pens. However, this particular product has some problems. The pen does not write consistently. Lines are thin, then thick, then thin once again. The problem is ink seems to collect around the tip of the pen, and periodically causes globs to come off during writing. This ink also comes out when the pen is capped, and eventually covers the entire tip of the pen. It is a mess, and one I have not encountered with other gel pens. Not recommended.
Pilot Hi-Tec-C Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Basic Colors - Black - PILOT LH-20C5-B
  Great pen, though not..., April 4, 2014
Great pen, though not for the price. It is everything people say of it. The lines are smooth and consistent, though it can sometimes take a few strokes to get the ink flowing. The cap posts with a positive click, and the refill holds a substantial amount of ink. If Uni-Ball didn't make a pen that was significantly cheaper and writes just as well (UM-100), this would be my go-to disposable gel pen.
Uni-ball Signo UM-100 Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - Blue Black - UNI UM100.64
  Great pen, for what it..., April 4, 2014
Great pen, for what it is. The lines go down smooth, consistent, and dark without the blobs common to a lot of gel pens. Pilot "Choose," I'm talking about you here! Generous amount of ink in the refills, which allows for plenty of writing. I would rate these even higher than the Pilot Hi-Tec C, and certainly more affordable.
Pilot Iroshizuku Ink - 50 ml - Kon-peki Deep Azure Blue (Deep Blue) - PILOT INK-50-KO
  Truly amazing ink. It's..., December 14, 2013
Truly amazing ink. It's rare to find such a vibrant ink that is also so well-behaved. Flows freely, doesn't seem to stain my demonstrator pen bodies, rinses with minimal effort. Similar to Sailor Sky-High blue, but slightly lighter with perhaps a tiny bit of green/turquoise.
Rohrer & Klingner Writing Ink - 50 ml Bottle - Alt-Goldgrün (Old Golden Green) - ROHRER-KLINGNER 40 530 050
  What an amazing color!..., December 14, 2013
What an amazing color! Great shading, well-behaved in all of my pens from extra fine nibs to Pelikan Oblique Triple Bold.
Rohrer & Klingner Writing Ink - 50 ml Bottle - Eisen-Gallus-Tinte Salix (Iron/Gall Nut-ink Salix Blue) - ROHRER-KLINGNER 40 711 050
  Smooth and relatively..., December 14, 2013
Smooth and relatively free-flowing for an iron-gall based ink. Beautiful color shift from blue to dark blue as the ink dries and oxidizes. Seems very safe in my pens, and washes-out as easily as any other ink I've used. Highly recommended.
Apica CD Notebook - CD15 - Semi B5 - 6.5 mm Rule - Light Blue - Bundle of 3 - APICA CD15AN BUNDLE
  The covers are flimsy,..., September 29, 2013
The covers are flimsy, but the paper is outstanding. Only Cyo-Bo paper handles ink better.
Diamine Fountain Pen Ink - 80 ml - Asa Blue - DIAMINE INK 7078
  “Asa Blue” is a great..., June 12, 2013
“Asa Blue” is a great blue with none of the purple tint common in most “standard” blue mixtures. I find it similar to Sailor’s “Sky High” blue with a tinge more turquoise—but not overly noticeable. It is also similar to Pilot Iroshizuku Kon Peki. The color really stands out. This particular Diamine ink seems to dry quickly, and is not prone to smudging once dry. It is not, however, even slightly waterproof. My only complaint is that like many other Diamine colors I have used, the ink tends to feather and can bleed on many papers—even 90g Clairfontaine/Rhodia paper. It seems to work perfect on ALL types of Kokuyo notebook paper.
Lamy M22 Ballpoint Pen Refill - 1.0 mm Broad Point - Blue - LAMY LM22BLB
  I’ve gone through two..., May 14, 2013
I’ve gone through two of the M22 refills in the broad tip, and both have been excellent. It is not quite as smooth at the Monteverde “Soft Roll” refills for the M16, but still pretty close. I am pretty sure the M22 uses the same ballpoint ink as the larger Lamy M16, but for some reason the M22 seems to write a lot better.
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