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J. Herbin Fountain Pen Ink - 30 ml Bottle - Vert Pré (Meadow Green) - J. HERBIN H130-31
  Life is too short not..., May 25, 2011
Life is too short not to use your favorite color in your favorite pen. After years of using a dependable royal blue ink for every day, this green ink by Herbin is now my signature color. The green shown on the label is the green that it writes: the fresh green of spring, a green that makes me purely happy. I tried a lot of samples of green ink before choosing, and this shade of green is, I believe, unique among all the ink manufacturers'. It writes beautifully, with no bleeding or feathering and with lots of shading (to yellow undertones).
Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen with Ergo Grip - Extra Fine Nib - Clear Body - PILOT P-FP-50R-NC-EF
  Sorry, forgot to add..., May 25, 2011
Sorry, forgot to add that other reviewers were right: this pen may need a brief breaking-in period before it writes smoothly (as is true of many fountain pens). Initially, I thought the pen wrote a bit dry and scratchy. I put it aside. Wrote a few more times a few days later. After writing the equivalent of a page over several days, I suddenly realized the pen was feeling very good to use -- it was writing very smoothly! My point is, don't judge any new fountain pen too quickly.
Pilot Penmanship Fountain Pen with Ergo Grip - Extra Fine Nib - Clear Body - PILOT P-FP-50R-NC-EF
  Excellent pen, and I'm..., May 25, 2011
Excellent pen, and I'm glad I bought it from JetPens three weeks ago. I've been using Pelikan Royal Blue ink in it, with the CON-50 converter, and everything works great. The converter seats well, and there is no leaking. The grip is very comfortable for those who hold their pen the right way (as taught in school). Most important, the nib writes an extremely fine, clean line remarkably smoothly for a needle-point -- consistent ink flow, no skips in the line, and no problems laying down ink from the first stroke even when the pen has been sitting a few days unused. I like that the cap posts; unposted, it is hard to spot on my desk because it is small and transparent. I like the slightly purple-tinted, clear plastic -- pretty, and it lets me see how much ink is in the converter. With the very fine line and large capacity of the converter, one filling from the ink well writes a long time. This pen is a very good deal! I am thinking of buying more.
1 to 3 (of 3 )