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This is an amazing pen!...
December 25, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is an amazing pen! I bought it over a year ago and I still have it! I love it. The jetstream ink is of quality that you would expect, but what makes me love this pen also is the fact that it snuggly fits energel refills. I have used a blue 05 energel refill in this pen, and it writes amazingly, so if you ever want to switch up writing feel while using the same pen body, you could try fitting energel refills in this pen.
When I write, I hold my pens close to the tip, with the pen vertical at almost 90 degrees to the paper, and only pinky side of my wrist touching the paper. The thumb side of my wrist is far from the paper. Thus, the grip on this pen is a bit too far from the tip to suit me personally. If you write with the pen at an angle and with your fingers further from the tip, this is a great pen for you, however, you cannot fully benefit from the alpha gel grip if you grip the pen close to the tip like I personally do.
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Pretty much same as what...
October 21, 2013
Verified Purchase
Pretty much same as what other people say, but if you get this, do not disassemble to clean the tip unless you have a neat and clean workspace. I tried to unjam my pencil in class once, and a very tiny rubber piece randomly fell out and was lost in the carpet somewhere. My pencil has not worked since, because whenever I click to advance lead, sometimes as much as a centimeter comes out, or sometimes barely anything comes out. The rubber piece regulates the amount of lead dispensed, but if you take it apart, it'll most likely fall out if you aren't extremely careful. Then lead dispense will not be regulated, and the pencil will not be nearly as good as if it were new.
I would personally recommend the P205 if you are looking for a solid drafting pencil that is easy to maintain/unjam/clean. Besides, it's 20 cents cheaper
The ink occasionally...
June 21, 2013
The ink occasionally blobs and smears. The ink is nice and smooth though. the jetstream is better in my opinion, but then again this is less expensive. I'd recommend this for right-handers, because the ink takes a short amount of time to dry, although left handed people could probably write with this too. You might also want to try a Vicuna, but the ink cartridge in the vicuna is thin and runs out sort of fast under heavy use.
It was excellent while...
February 21, 2013
Verified Purchase
It was excellent while it wrote, but for some reason my pen is now really scratchy and ink won't come out at all, even though the pen is still 80% full. Probably just a defect in my pen, or the tip somehow got damaged. :(
after reading other reviews,...
February 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
after reading other reviews, I decided to get one of these. I LOVE IT! This is a great step-up from the platinum preppy. This pen has a beautiful and smooth-writing nib, and the ink in the included cartridge is pretty dark and nice. the medium nib writes about equivalent to an 0.7 or 0.8 gel/liquid ink pen. I stuck in the cartridge, and after leaving it nib down for about 10 minutes, I was able to start writing. the converter looks a bit cheap, but I haven't tried it yet.
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I'm relatively new to...
February 20, 2013
Verified Purchase
I'm relatively new to the world of micro pens. The other micro pens I have are the mach IIs which are liquid ink and 0.4, the mach III (not on jetpens) which is 0.38 liquid ink, and the stylefit 0.38 gel. I will say that I am impressed with this pen. It does not skip and is pretty smooth, not to mention it's cheaper than the stylefit and has a larger ink refill. The ink refill isn't as big as it looks because the plastic walls of the refill are thick, but I'm pretty sure there's more ink than in a stylefit single refill. If you want an all purpose thin pen, I'd say based off my first impressions of writing that this is the pen for you. I haven't had this for a long time, but I am optimistic that it will turn out to be a great everyday usage pen.
I love this pen for it's...
February 14, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this pen for it's flowing writing experience. it took a day to "break in" but then the writing was nice. I was disappointed by the line thickness though, it wrote like an 0.7 or 0.8 gel pen. This was my first fountain pen though, so I guess I just wasn't used to the difference between fountain and gel pens. overall i give preppy thumbs up for it's affordable cost, nice nib, and smooth writing, but don't be expecting an 03 line!
This pen, as cheap and...
October 5, 2012
This pen, as cheap and simple as it is, beats out dozens of other pens that are up to 3 times as expensive. I'm serious. This pen has a functional grip that, while not squisy, is comfortable and non-slip. the clip works well for shirt pockets, etc. I like the feel of the clicking mechanism. Finally, to the writing. This pen is the smoothest pen out of all the liquid and gel pens I have, and this pen writes the darkest and most crisp. I love the writing quality. It puts my G2s and miffy and signos and vision elites all to shame. The Energel X is smooth, has never skipped on me, always creates a nice vivid black line from first touch, and creates sharp lines.
There is only one downfall, and even that is circumstantial. I have heard that this pen does not have waterproof ink, which means that if you are doing labs in a science course, the ink may smudge and ruin a page of your lab notebook, in the case that water or some other liquid spills.

Overall, considering price and writing quality, this is a great deal, and you should NOT hesitate to add both this and the blue version to your cart.
I did not actually purchase...
July 5, 2012
I did not actually purchase this product from Jetpens, but I have a pen that looks EXACTLY the same as the one in the picture. Jetstream Sport 1.0mm tip in blue.
It's definitely the quality that you would expect from a Jetstream. Very smooth and very dark writing, the pen glides across paper and leaves a solid line. Writes very well until the last "drop" of ink. The pen looks very nice in my opinion. I took off a star because this pen is thinner, the grip isn't as comfortable for me. There are small ridges along the side of the pen with the clip, you can see in the photos what I'm talking about. It adds to the sleek design, but because the pen is thinner on the bottom than on the top in that place, it may be annoying to try to hold the pen. If you rotate your pen while writing, then this will definitely be noticeable and if you're picky, you will get distracted from your writing. Not good. The clip is plastic and although I haven't broken mine, it doesn't seem like it will survive an accidental step on it. The clip is not tight, but an upside is that it's easier to clip to a shirt pocket or something like that. I actually like the clip, it adds to the design of the pen while being functional. It just doesn't seem too durable.
The ink cartridge is thin, so the ink doesn't last that long, I took about 40 to 45 pages of journal entries with this pen before it ran out.
(Sidenote: I said the pen made solid lines, but sometimes it leaves some spots lighter than others. Check the sample writing picture and you'll get what I mean)
Whether or not you should buy this pen depends. If you're looking to add a low-cost pen for free shipping, then this is a good candidate. However, I don't recommend this pen over the Energel X, which is cheaper and is a very good gel pen with vivid ink and a much better grip.
Although I did not purchase...
July 3, 2012
Although I did not purchase this pencil from Jetpens, I own the blue Twist-Erase III mechanical pencil, exactly as it looks in the picture, and I believe that it is excellent.
There are 2 major factors that make up a mechanical pencil, the first being the exterior (comfort, aesthetics, clip, etc). This pencil is 5.5" or almost 14cm long, and has a nice comfort grip that makes is easier to hold. Although the grip is not really squishy, it still cushions your fingers so the pencil is comfortable to write with. (However I sort of wish the grip extends a bit lower as I hold my pencils near the tip) The pencil clip is nice and tight, and not loose at all. The clip is also metal, so it most likely will not break easily. The upper body of the pencil can be twisted to advance the eraser, or clicked to advance the lead, and is intuitive and easy to use.
The second major factor of mechanical pencils is the performance of writing. A 3mm drafting sleeve helps add accuracy, even though this is not a drafting pencil. The eraser erases pretty cleanly and lasts a while (I have a Pentel Side FX that uses the same E10 eraser refill of the Twist Erase III. I've been using the Side FX for school for several years, and I have yet to wear halfway through the first eraser, which may partially be due to the fact that I also use other erasers. Just in case you wonder, the side FX is also a decent pencil, with a side advance button, twist eraser, and short drafting sleeve. Usually it's cheaper than the twist erase 3, but not as comfortable.) Under constant use, I expect the twist-eraser to last about 3 to 4 months. Refill erasers can be easily found at retail stores like walmart. The amount of lead advanced per pencil click is consistent, which is definitely good because you don't have to waste time trying to fix the amount of lead that came out so that you don't end up accidentally breaking the lead. I hate it when pencils are inconsistent when they advance lead, so luckily I don't have that problem with this pencil.
Overall I am glad I purchased this pencil. I have checked two other places, (amazon, walmart) and found the pencil to be cheapest here on Jetpens. If you just want a good quality pencil that is not too expensive and will serve you well, the Twist-Erase III is probably the way to go. However, if you want more task-specific pencils for drafting, you will probably be better off with a sharps, Graphgear 1000, shift pipe lock, etc.. Compared to similar pencils, like the Pentel Side FX, although the Side FX is cheaper, it is just personal preference to which pencil is actually better. You may like the twist-erase more, you may like other pencils more. My conclusion is that this pencil is worth it's cost, and if you need a pencil, you won't regret choosing this one.
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