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I bought my first Ohto...
April 24, 2008
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I bought my first Ohto pen during a trip to Tokyo in 1992 and didn't realy give much thought to refills.
Imagine my despair when I discovered that my favourite pen wouldn't accept normal refills, due the unusual size of the barrel.
Fast forward to 2006 and I'm in Tokyo again.
With my pen in my hand, I returned to the hotellobby shop where I'd bought it, determined to clean out their stock of refills - nope, they don't stock them any more.
The whole 3 days of my visit were spent with one eye frantically scanning for shops that sell pens, but the few that I found couldn't help.
On my return home, I discovered the website for Jetpens and promptly kicked myself, as I'd been in San Francisco as part of my trip (SF -_ New Zealand -_ Tokyo) and had been within striking distance of my precious refills.
Jetpens duly recieved an order for refils and I spent the next year enjoying my lovely pen again.
Earlier this year, a work colleague expressed his deire for a pen like mine, so I bought him one when I ordered some more refills and he is now as mad about Ohto pens as I am.
I'm currently working out how much I can charge him for refills :-)
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