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Reviews Written by Msjones721

March 8, 2011
If you are a perfectionist,...
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If you are a perfectionist, this pen is for YOU!!!
This pen writes very fine, and a little too fine for note book paper, for me, this pen is a little scratchy, on notebook paper, but on journal paper, it's great.
It's one of those pens, you pull out, when you need to write small, and make very good use of the notepad in which you are writing in. Very sexy color for the barrel. You will love it, if you are a fan of fine-line writing.

March 8, 2011
I remember when I first...
Verified Purchase
I remember when I first saw this pen, I thought, hmmmm, will it write well on notebook paper, I write a lot, and take notes, will this not "SKIP" lines? Let me say, this pen is the ultimate writing machine, and get this.... I tried to find it in the Indianapolis, and no one has it, everyone orders it from HERE!!!!! This is the mac-daddy of pens, and I love it!
Truly creative and never smudges, always dark and good non-breakable lines of writing. Very-very good writing intrument, and trust me, I'm a purest when it comes to my pens.

March 7, 2011
I love this pencil, it's...
Verified Purchase
I love this pencil, it's dark and smooth and writes really good, but one thing I don't that I couldn't find out how to refill it.