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Reviews Written by pur3ftw

July 16, 2013
I love the relaxed feel...
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I love the relaxed feel of this pen case. We live in an engineered world, where buildings must be able to withstand wind-storms and earthquakes that have a frequency of occuring once every 10,000 years. What is my point? Well, it is simply that some things need to be built to survive meteor strikes, nuclear holocausts, getting run over by cars, and rabid dog attacks, but pen cases are not one of those things.

Zippers are used to keep things relatively air and water tight; polyester, nylon, and leather are the building blocks of athletic clothing, camping tents, and protective gear for motorcycling. If you simply need a case to keep from losing your writing instruments, to keep everything organized, and to protect them from scratches then get this case.

If you are want for simplicity, then look no further.

P.S. If you have uncapped pencils, then store with the eraser side DOWN unlike in the picture. otherwise you will puncture holes in the cloth.

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July 16, 2013
The pencil is heavier...
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The pencil is heavier and wider than most pencils. I prefer writing instruments with a nice girth and weight so these two traits were a plus to me. It has a high build quality and lead breaking was not a problem like it is for the Lamy 2000. I think the amount of lead advancement was ideal in fact. I really enjoyed the grip too: it forces you to hold the pencil in a particular location, and that particular location is exactly where I wanted to hold it for writing (I use it for doing math mostly). Of course if you are drawing then you might want to have more options about where to hold your pencil, but a good option is to use this pencil for writing and drafting pencil for, well, drafting. Use the correct pencil for the correct purpose people!!!

If I had to describe the pencil in a sentence I would say that it combines the comfort of a general use pencil with the some of the precision of a drafting pencil but can only be used for writing.

Summary: if you enjoy larger writing instruments with a bit of heft, the Tombow Zoom 505 is your best choice--it is better than the Pentel Kerry and probably the Lamy 2000 in this regard. If you have been using a drafting pencil like a Pentel P205, Graphgear, or a Rotring 600 for lengthy writing, then give your hand a break and get a pencil with a bit of HEFT!

I had this pencil for about 6 months before I lost it :(. Hopefully we will be reunited again one day!

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March 8, 2012
Well, I just got this...
Verified Purchase
Well, I just got this pencil today. But after several hours of usage, I unequivocally adore it. Fantastic writing instrument.

If you are considering buying a Lamy 2000 after reading Dave's ravings: don't. Buy a Pilot S20 instead. Don't make the same mistake I did!