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I bought one of these...
July 31, 2016
Verified Purchase
I bought one of these back when I was new to fountain pens, but ended up shelving it to make way for cheaper Rhodia paper. However, I've recently go back to it in an attempt to use up all my old, unloved notebooks and all I can say is WOW. Rhodia paper is good, but this is better. Way better. It's pricey, but it's better. It has dramatically improved my overall journaling experience. If you're craving that luxury paper experience, consider trying one of these notebooks.
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I mean, this pen is just...
December 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
I mean, this pen is just great. I use it all of the time. Makes an excellent companion to other waterproof black brush pens. I also greatly prefer using this pen's diluted black ink as opposed to the regular gray-pigmented ink that you typically find in "gray" brush pens. Refills are a huge added bonus. If you're on the fence about getting this pen versus another gray brush pen, BUY THIS ONE!
If you're like me and...
December 16, 2015
Verified Purchase
If you're like me and Rotring is too heavy for you, try this one instead.

Absolutely gorgeous pencil, with the navy blue body and silver accents. Satisfying top knock clicks. Nice grip. I use mine for drawing and love it. 10/10
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Very interesting color....
January 15, 2015
Verified Purchase
Very interesting color. It's definitely not a rich or vibrant brown, but it's not exactly "sepia" either. Sepia is supposed to have yellowish undertones to it, but this is much more of a grayish, olive brown than anything.

I expected it to be a more subdued color given the name, but it's much less saturated than, say, the royal blue or blood red refills. At first glance it's very easy to mistake it for pencil graphite. It's still a very professional color despite being a tad washed out, but that might be an added plus for some (especially if you're a fan of gray ink). If you're looking for an alternative to black, this could be a nice color for you to try. But if you're after a rich, dark brown, this is not your color.

Other than the color this refill is a fairly smooth writer. It seems to let out less ink than the other refills I tried along with it, thus making it a tad scratchier than the rest. However, it still performs admirably and also works surprisingly well on cheaper paper too!
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Cannot overstate the...
June 18, 2014
Verified Purchase
Cannot overstate the awesomeness that are these pairs of scissors. Ordered one because I hand cut a ton of stuff on a regular basis. Things I frequently wage war with include tricky stuff like acrylic paper, vinyl transfer paper, card stock, sticky contact paper, etc. and all of those are no match for these scissors. Cutting is a breeze. Precise curves and tiny corners are significantly less scary. Easy to control and maneuver. Reduces hand fatigue and prevents painful callouses and numbness after extend use, something most regular scissors don't do no matter how ergonomic they claim to be.

I chose this particular model because it seemed to be on the bigger side, and I do not regret my choice. If you have medium sized hands like me, this pair is probably a good match for you. Only shame is that they appear to have this particular model in just pink!
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I like this pen a lot....
May 21, 2014
Verified Purchase
I like this pen a lot. The grip is smooth and extends all the way to the tip, perfect for people who grip their pens low. The color blue this pen writes in is great. It's ever so slightly on the purple side instead of green, and it's vibrant while still being readable.

But this little sucker always manages to unscrew itself while being carried on the go. I'll go to pull it out of a pencil case or a purse and find that I have to reassemble the whole thing again before I can use it. It's quite annoying, but perhaps maybe I just got a faulty barrel.
This is the best yellow...
September 4, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is the best yellow pen I've ever used. It's more "yellow" than the Uni golden yellow color, but still just as legible. It's a great, fun color to add to your gel pen collection.

I was a bit hesitant to try the Push Clip since I've had bad experiences in the past with the Zebra Sarasa .07 products you can find in your local office supply store. I purchased this color, the light green, and the purple pens and they've all performed wonderfully. They're super-jelly smooth on paper and the colors are truly vibrant. I haven't had any problems with skipping or scratchiness with this .05 tip. Smaller sizes might prove to be more scratchy, so the .05 is a safe bet if you can't stand scratchy pens. I've also had zero problems with smearing and smudging, a great plus for note takers and lefties alike.

All in all, I'm a total Push Clip convert! And at this particular price point, they're at the top of my list.
I was very impressed...
June 28, 2013
Verified Purchase
I was very impressed with this pencil, one of my top five for sure.

I have a smaller hand in addition to a preference for 0.3 lead, so I often have to turn to drafting pencils since they com in 0.3 sizes much more frequently than regular mechanical pencils do. That being said, the entire S line of pencils are fantastic. I own the S3, S5, and S10 all in 0.3. While the S10 in 0.3 is my go-to drawing pencil, this S5 is my writing workhorse.

The S10 is clearly more solidly constructed, but I actually prefer the S5 for both extended writing sessions and everyday carry (especially over the S3). The S5 is more weighty than the S3 with a much more comfortable grip to boot. It's stylish and substantial, and at half the price of the S10 I worry less about it bouncing around with my other pens when I'm on the go. The yellow orange is very good looking, and the muted orange on the grip is actually less muddled than I thought it would be. The weight towards the tip of the pencil is fantastic, and a great balance gives this pencil and excellent feeling. It's a pleasure to hold in my hand!

The grip is actually very, very nice--it looks underwhelming, but it's soft, smooth, and the little indents give you a great grip on the pencil. The knurled grip on the S10 is also nice, but as someone with art callouses the grip on the S5 is a clear winner.

Another reviewer mentioned problems with lint sticking to the grip, so I was worried that I would have a lint magnet of a grip on the same level as an Alpha Gel grip. Fortunately, that's not the case! While lint does stick to it and get into those indents, compared to an Alpha Gel it's hardly noticeable lol. But if you can't stand stuff collecting on your pencil grips, I find the best way to clean them off is with a piece of tape. :) I have also never had any problems getting the lead to advance on any of my S series pencils, unlike the previous reviewer.

All said and done, the S5 is a fantastic pencil; A great alternative for the more expensive S10 and still of surprisingly better quality over the S3.
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I really wanted to like...
June 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
I really wanted to like these pens, because there really is a lot to like about them. The selection of colors is amazing and the ink is vibrant. And considering the price, these are very cute, simple, no-fuss pens to tote around with you. The grip is suitable for extended writing sessions, and the fact that they're retractable makes them very handy in my opinion. However, they have one fatal flaw--the ink takes way too long to dry completely, which is disastrous for both note taking and lefties.

I spent a semester taking notes with 11 different colors of these pens, and no matter what I did the ink would always smudge really noticeably onto my hands as well as all over the backs of pages in my notebook. Even on days when my notebook was left sitting out for 40+ minutes to dry, the ink would still not be dry enough for safe storage. Spots where the pen had blobbed slightly onto the paper would still remain wet, which sadly happens more often than not with this pen.

If you can stand the smudge, these cute Juice pens offer a great variety of colors. But if you're like me and can't stand smeary pens, I'd look elsewhere before trying one of these.
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Wow. I am thrilled with...
May 6, 2013
Verified Purchase
Wow. I am thrilled with this eraser. This Seed Colorful Radar is the best of both worlds--it erasers just as good (if not better!) than my Boxy and has shavings that clump together like a Matomaru-kun eraser. While the shavings don't stick to the eraser quite as good as with a Matomaru-kun, they still clump together enough that cleaning up the shavings is still way more convenient than compared to other erasers.

The notched casing is a fantastic idea. With my old Matomaru-kun, the paper casing would dig into my eraser and really tear it up, but not with this little guy! The eraser itself also isn't super gummy-soft like the Matomaru-kun is. With my Matomaru-kun eraser, I found myself having to use extra pressure to clean away pencil strokes because the eraser was almost too soft. But the Seed eraser is soft without having any give to it, so it really does erase well with just a light touch. It also works like a -dream- on coarser papers like sketch paper and mixed media paper, which is absolutely amazing. All of my other erasers just got replaced!

Not to mention this eraser is so super cute! Another great thing I've noticed is that gray lead residue doesn't build up as badly on the eraser anywhere near as badly as I had expected it too, so the cute light green color still stays looking great even after use. I couldn't be more happy with this eraser. I highly recommend it!
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