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Reviews Written by samantha_lynn86

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Tombow OnBook Clip Friendly Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Blue Gray Body - TOMBOW SH-OB43
  So far no complaints..., May 17, 2011
So far no complaints about this pencil...its a neat light weight pencil thats easy to write with.
The only incovience with this pencil is that the eraser is a unique shape, so its not readily available at a supply store.
Tombow OnBook Clip Friendly Ballpoint Pen - 0.7 mm - Blue Gray Body - TOMBOW BC-OB43
  I've been using this..., May 17, 2011
I've been using this pen for about a week now and it suits me well. No major cons of the pen...Its light weight, simple and write in neat fine lines. The slight groove on the flat side of the pen is convient for give a little resting place for my finger when I'm writing.
The only issue I've had with the pen (reason for docking a star) is that sometimes the ballpoint will retract when I bring it to the paper...and I'm not applying THAT much force that it would retract and my hand is no were near the button to retract the ballpoint.
Zebra Tect 2way Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - White Body - ZEBRA MA42-W
  I bought this pencil..., May 9, 2011
I bought this pencil After purchasing and orange Zebra 2way 1000. I liked that pencil and I liked the look of this white one, so I thought, What the heck.....
However after using both pencils daily, I'd use my Zebra 2way 1000 over this white one any day.
This feels cheap at times, I'm afraid I might break it...whereas when I use my Zebra 1000, I feel like I could write a novel and it would survive till the end.

So if you want a sturdy, nice, pencil that you want to LAST, get one of the 1000s...
Zebra Tect 2way 1000 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - Orange Body - ZEBRA MA41-OR
  I've been using this..., December 7, 2010
I've been using this pencil for a while now and I love it.
The weight feels just right in my hand and it write very smoothly. I sometimes forget the 'Shaker' feature and forget to use it, but its a neat feature to the pencil...

MY only teeny gripe with the pencil is the whole eraser mechanism is kinda weak....there is a lot of play in the mechanism holding the eraser. When I try to erase something, the eraser just isn't sturdy, it wobbles a lot and I end up having to eraser harder. In the end I just dig out my Art Gum and keep that handy instead of using the pencil's eraser. I'm assuming this is happening because of the 'Shaker' feature, but I could be wrong.
OTHER then that, the pencil feels very durable, comfortable and i like the orange color alot, I just ordered another one today...=)
Platinum Preppy Fountain Pen - 03 Fine Nib - Blue Black Ink - PLATINUM PPQ-200 3
  This was one of the first..., December 7, 2010
This was one of the first Fountain pens I ever used. I wanted to try something inexpensive in case I didn't like using a Fountain pen, so I got this and 2 others. Overall this pen was great, nice ink flow, fun design, inexpensive.......until I had used it for just one week. The threads on the barrel to replace the cartridge sorta striped out(or the thread was incorrect or the cap 'held' too securely...something was wrong) and EVERY time I would take the cap off the pen to use the pen, the bottom of the pen (nib and surrounding plastic) would come with it.
Its not like I was hard on the pen or spent the entire week taking the cap on, putting it on, taking the cap off....etc... I rotated between the other 2 pens. After a week I had pretty much gave up on the pen because of how annoying it was to have to put it back together everytime I used it.....
Copic Comic Drawing Pen with Waterproof Ink - 0.1 mm - Sepia - COPIC F01SDP
  I've got one of these..., December 7, 2010
I've got one of these pens and one in black. For some reason my Sepia pen is terrible. I can never get a good flow of ink and its sometimes scratchy no matter how i hold it. My black Copic pen works perfect...but I think I got a dud sepia pen....
Pilot Varsity Disposable Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Purple - PILOT 90008
  Overall its pretty good.... T..., June 18, 2010
Overall its pretty good....
The ink flows nicely, no dry spots yet, feels good in your hand....however the ink does bleed thru sometimes.
My only dislike about the pen is its aesthetics....I can't get over how much it looks like a sharpie marker. When I first saw these in a store thats what I thought they were, untill I took the cap off and realized it was a fountain pen.
1 to 7 (of 7 )