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Reviews Written by noracooper123

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Tombow Mono One Mini Twist Eraser - Blue Body - TOMBOW EH-SSM40
  this eraser is so nice...., January 16, 2009
this eraser is so nice. the green and pink colors are also really cute. it works really good and is easy to erase small things with like words and letters. just make sure to buy some refills because they are small
Iwako American Fast Food on Tray Novelty Eraser - 6 Piece Set - IWAKO ER-961099
  really good erasers and..., November 7, 2008
really good erasers and very cute. you can pull them apart and use the different parts to erase. i would, however, reccomend you buy the ones in the box just for more convenience
Pilot Dr. Grip G-Spec White Deco Shaker Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Black Grip - PILOT HDGS-60WR-B5
  these pencils are AMAZING!!!..., November 7, 2008
these pencils are AMAZING!!! i love them and its so cool that you can put stickers in it
Tombow Mono One Mini Twist Eraser - Green Body - TOMBOW EH-SSM60
  THIS IS A GREAT ERASER!!!!..., November 7, 2008
THIS IS A GREAT ERASER!!!! it is really good but it is also very very very VERY cute, which is always a bonus. the picture is a teeny weeny bit bigger than actual size. i would hold up like a regular mechanical pencil and thats about the same thickness... you will probably be suprized with the size like i was because it is small but it is just more convenient and cute
Zebra Techno Line Ballpoint Pen - 0.4 mm - Light Blue Body - ZEBRA BAS2-LB
  FABULOUS PEN!!! it writes..., November 7, 2008
FABULOUS PEN!!! it writes very thin but is not scratchy. it writes very smoothly across the paper!!! buy one fast and a refill cuz i don't use mine all the time but i hear they run out of ink fast.
Pilot Fure Fure Shaker Super Grip Mechanical Pencil - 0.5 mm - Clear Violet Purple Body - PILOT HFGP-20R-CV
  this pencil is really..., November 7, 2008
this pencil is really good. it looks like a regular pencil but its shaky and affordable. its a very nice color and pencil but i would also reccomend looking at the other colors if you do not like purple. good pencil.
Pentel Keityo Double Sided Sign Marker Pen - Black & Gray Ink - PENTEL SESW25
  OMG!!!! all i can say..., November 7, 2008
OMG!!!! all i can say is: BUY IT NOW!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! if you are considering, well stop, and pop it right in that shopping cart and click checkout.
Pentel Color Twin Double Sided Marker - 0.5 mm & 0.9 mm - Yellow - PENTEL SCW-122R
  this pen is very good......, November 7, 2008
this pen is very good... its like a soft yellow so it can be used for writing and maybe highlighting... i would definitely reccomend it!!!
Platinum Preppy Ink Tip Refillable Sign Marker Pen - Brown - PLATINUM CSIQ-150 62
  These pens are so cool...., November 7, 2008
These pens are so cool. i also have the blue and purple ones and they are such pretty colors. this one is really good because i like the shade of brown that it is and it does not bleed through. BUY IT or the other colors... FAST
Platinum Preppy Ink Tip Refillable Sign Marker Pen - Purple - PLATINUM CSIQ-150 28
  This color is amazing!!!..., November 7, 2008
This color is amazing!!! its one of my favorite pens in the world. If you are considering buying one... BUY IT FAST and NOW!!!
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