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This is a fantastic bag,...
February 9, 2012
This is a fantastic bag, but comes short of perfection for me:

-LOTS of little compartments- great for holding small gadgets, keeps things from getting scratched
-Bright orange liner- easy to find things, even in dim light
-Sturdy "handle" bit at the top- useful for hanging the bag on hooks
-Hidden wallet pocket is a nice touch. It's on the side.
-Durable, rainproof material keeps everything dry.
-Bag is great using both straps or just over one shoulder.
-Exceptionally light for size
-Compact, yet still holds a lot

-The lunch compartment (bottom portion of the backpack in the front), if empty it has trouble standing on it's own- this bad always has to be leaning against something
-tends to be a little top heavy unless you use the lunch compartment, which I don't often.
-minor con- sometimes zippers can get slightly caught on the rain protection flaps, but that rarely happens

Overall it's a great bag and I don't regret buying it, but I wish it was just a tiny bit better. And yet this is by *far* better than the generic, heavy, huge compartment backpacks that are so common here, so I probably can't complain too much.
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