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It's a great design,...
April 16, 2014
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It's a great design, and holds it's shape nicely. However after month of use, I had some problems.
1. The canvas gets dirty. I had navy blue--which should have been ok--but after about a month it started to look dirty and dingy and picked up everything from the bottom of my bag. The case is made of canvas like fabric, not nylon.

2. If you fill it really full all the time, eventually the zipper gets hard to use. That's why I stopped using the case--the zipper pretty much failed.

3. I found it harder to use than I wanted because I still had to rummage around to find the pens I wanted. I think it works best if you have maybe 8 pens in there, and when you open it up they sort of line up in a row. I wanted something I could keep on my desk but it really didn't work for that purpose.

I would recommend this if you keep your bag spotless OR just want to leave it in one place. And if you carry about 8 pens at once it would be fine. I generally have about 14-18 and that is too many to make the best use of this case.
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