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Here's why the ring is...
December 18, 2013
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Here's why the ring is plastic:
There is a good reason that the folks at Zebra used a black plastic ring on the F701 instead of the stainless ring used on the previous F402. The stainless ring of the F402 does look better; however, it causes a subtle but unpleasant screeching sound and vibration when the clicker is depressed. Only the user will hear and feel it, but it's a very mild fingernails-on-chalkboard effect. By contrast, the plastic ring on the F701 creates a very smooth and luxurious effect.

Ok, this is a small detail, but it's distinctly noticeable. I used to carry the F301. When the F402 first came out, I was excited that it looked more premium than the F301. However, I noticed the grinding of metal on the first click. When the F701 came out, I was pleased to see the switch to plastic.

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