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Reviews Written by fastpitchmegz24

April 23, 2013
The only complaint I...
The only complaint I have about this pencil is when the cap is posted, it is able to wiggle around as you write. Actually, the whole top half of the pencil rotates, not just the silver part that you take off to put in new lead. Other than that, this pencil is great, and people always comment on it.

April 23, 2013
OK, so I wrote my review...
Verified Purchase
OK, so I wrote my review too soon about this pen. After tweaking it for a couple months, I finally got the pen to work. I'm not entirely sure what I did to make it write better, but now I really like this pen. Now it writes smoothly and doesn't skip. It is cheap, easy to carry around, and so far doesn't have any noticeable blemishes. If you can get your pen to work, it is worth the buy.

October 16, 2012
This pen looks really...
Verified Purchase
This pen looks really cool but it is not good quality at all. My cheap pilot varsity writes better than this pen. I can only get it to write properly for short amounts of time. It is extremely scratchy and skips a lot. I wouldn't buy this pen again, nor would I buy any other tasche products in the future. I am pretty disappointed with this purchase.