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Smooth but strange with...
January 9, 2013
Smooth but strange with fountain inks: bleeds yet slow to absorb so smears and transfers.

I got the 5-pack of this paper and the binder from Maruman, both expensive propositions. The paper is very smooth and attractive, and the 20-hole format is very stable; however, my experience with three different Noodler's inks has been poor. With all of them, my writing bleeds; with the red and the blue, it takes a while to be absorbed into the paper, which causes transferring to adjacent pages, which makes it a pain to use. Takes the pen reasonably well, though maybe even too smooth such that there is not quite enough bite for the pens I use (F to EF nibs from Sailor, Pilot, Lamy).
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Nice nib, good flow,...
December 15, 2011
Nice nib, good flow, but resin body is too light and scratches way too easily at this price point.

For this price, I would expect a more resilient and weighty pen. I think it goes for twenty bucks or less in Japan.

That being said, I like writing with it and use it often with the cap posted. The fine nib is very fine but doesn't gouge paper.
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