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Thumbs down. Get a Tasche,...
October 27, 2013
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Thumbs down. Get a Tasche, or a Kaweco Sport.
I have two Ohto Tasches and after some fiddling got both to write OK (see my review for the Tasche). Not so for the Rook. I couldn't get mine to write well to save my life. Strange, because it looks like the same nib as the Tasche. To add insult to injury, the cap won't post reliably - keeps falling off - and the inner ring fell out. A dab of Superglue sorted out the inner ring, but the thing still won't write well. After trying the lousy Ohto ink and a cartridge of Pelikan 4001 I gave up. You really do get what you pay for.
My advice, pass on this dog. Buy a Tasche and tweak it to write well. Or, maybe you'd rather just take a new pen out of the box and write with it, no fiddling around. In that case spend a few dollars more and get a Kaweco Sport. My Sport wrote beautifully right out of the box. I'm done with Ohto.
April 21, 2011
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Not usable out of the box, but if you don't mind a little tweaking a nifty little pen.
When it arrived I was disappointed. The line was very weak and skippy, like a used-up ballpoint, and I had to press on it to get it to write at all. If it had been a more expensive pen I would have sent it back but I decided "what the heck, maybe I can make it work".
After some research on FPN I figured out that the tines of the nib were adjusted too tightly, thus starving the point of ink. I used the same resource to find out how to "floss" the nib with a piece of .001" brass shim stock (I happened to have some, but it's available in most hardware stores). It took a little trial and error but now that I have the nib dialed in, it writes just fine even with the (underwhelming) factory ink.
PRO - I like the design, especially the compact size which fits right into my pocket or planner.
- If you don't mind tinkering with it a little, it's a fun little pen. Mine works fine now. If it had written this way out of the box I would have given it 4 stars.
CON - I docked the score because I had to work on it to make it usable at all, let alone "just right".
- The cap threads felt gritty; a tiny dab of petroleum jelly fixed that.
Although this is a mixed review, believe it or not I like the Tasche and will probably get another one. Now that I know what to do, tweaking a new Tasche would be a 5 minute job. For a $15 pen I don't mind doing a little tinkering, but YMMV.
Just don't expect this pen to be perfect out of the box.
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