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I've had this pencil...
April 30, 2009
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I've had this pencil for roughly five months now, and I can say that after every-day use I would not recommend it for most people.

For durability I would rate this pencil a 5/5, for the full-aluminium doesn't wear easily, and after 5 months of every day use the only problems I have encountered are the lettering on the barrel rubbing off some from clip, and the grip's diamond finished chipping in almost microscopic scratches. The retractible tip is very solid and at first lead breakage was a problem, but this was fixed as soon as I removed the factory lead.

For Overall construction I would rate it a 2/5, because of the cheap interior and the lack of ability to service the parts yourself. There is no way to unscrew the barrel from the tip and clean it or replace the spring if need be, but this hasn't really presented any problems so far. The inner lead guide is cheap plastic though, and bends, scratches. and tears easily. Don't plan on using the eraser much on this pencil, for you will eventually loosen the eraser cap so much that it will never stay on. The eraser cap doesn't fasten securely to the pencil, and it is very irritating to have to worry about it coming off

For writing I would rate it a 3/5, because it's cumbersome to write with the guide pipe at halfway for increased stability. I use this to write Chinese/Japanese every day also, and it performs decently.

My biggest complaint though is that it is uncomfortable to hold. For some reason, my hand sweats noticeably more when using this pencil over others, this is annoying! This pencil is also smaller than you would expect, and for my average-sized American hands it was still too small to write with comfortably. I would ONLY recommend this pencil if you have small hands!
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This product has been...
February 6, 2008
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This product has been out of stock for Over A Month! =(
And to think that I've...
January 8, 2008
And to think that I've been waiting an entire month for my gift certificate to come in the mail =P
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Please re-stock ='(...
January 7, 2008
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Please re-stock ='(
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