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An odd little pen, but...
July 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
An odd little pen, but is solid all around for everyday use. The pen itself is very nice, solid, and sturdy metal body that is not heavy on the hand but not extremely light. Another perk, compared to the pilot cavalier, is that the pen is balanced with the cap on or off. The pen ink cartridge is the oddest part as it states it is .7mm, which is true as the ball is .7mm, but the pen writes at a .2 width. As for the orange, compared to the orange ohoto tasche rollerball, this is more of a burnt orange, where as the ohto tasche is more of an orange juice orange.

The only complaint that I can give on the pen, but it is also user error at times, is that the cap does not always stay on the pen. Unlike the tasches, which has a rubber ring to keep the cap in place, the rook has an expanding ring in the cap to hold it. In other words if you do not push the cap all the way down, which is a guessing game, the pen cap will come off rather quickly. However, as stated this is more user error, in the beginning using this pen this will happen more, but in time when you know how far the cap goes you wont have a problem.

The last note I will make, is that this pen uses the parker-g2 style refill so if you prefer the OHTO gel refills (pG2 style), which is no longer on this site, they are compatible as well for this pen.
absolutely beautiful...
May 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
absolutely beautiful pen. Works wonderfully writes smooth without needing to be primed. Materials are high quality, the finish doesn't chip or wear out. I have fountain pens made by Waterman, Cross, and Schaeffer and this Sailor out performs them. Only downfall was that this pen does not come with a converter so if you use bottled ink you will have to buy the converter, but I cannot dock the pen's quality for that.
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