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This is an excellent...
December 3, 2011
Verified Purchase
This is an excellent case. I own many others sold here at JetPens, and they are sturdy and serve their purpose. Unfortunately, I found myself in need of (1) more space and (2) better organization. With this case, I have all my pens in clear view (helpful for those pens you can't really tell apart by cap). It also allows me to separate my pens and pencils by type-- multipens vs. gel pens vs pencils. Even with all open compartments in use, I can still wedge my phone/blackberry in there.

With extra inside and outside pockets for clips, post-its, flags and erasers, I have have everything I need for research or out of office meetings in a neat, professional-looking case. Please keep this stocked-- I'll probably come back for another one!
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Great pencil. Comfortable...
December 1, 2011
Verified Purchase
Great pencil. Comfortable grip for long bouts of writing. Surprisingly, the lead doesn't seem to break as easily even with the bending mechanism.
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