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I've been spoiled by...
April 18, 2013
Verified Purchase
I've been spoiled by good erasers.

I'll be comparing this eraser to the Boxy and the Pilot Foam erasers:

While the description says that this eraser clumps its dust together to make cleanup easy, the Foam does it exceptionally well compared to this. Maybe I wasn't erasing correctly (yes, depending on how you erase, the bits will clump together better or worse), but the clumping wasn't so great. After quite a bit of erasing, I was stuck with fewer bits than the Boxy, which doesn't clump at all, but a lot more than the Foam, which produced one single eraser strip as waste.

Also, this eraser doesn't seem to erase as well with a light touch. The Boxy and the Foam all seemed to absorb the graphite, while this simply produced a would-be piece of eraser hanging off a corner. I found myself straining to erase large art projects with just as many eraser bits as the Black Pearl (regular, American eraser).

The eraser is squishier than the Foam and the Boxy, so it gets my mind off of my work (so maybe it doubles as a stress reliever?). The cardboard does dig into the eraser, but I don't have any problems with the cardboard digging into the eraser and causing it to fall apart as I've read on some reviews of the Foam (a problem I never really had with my Foam, though). I guess the plus to this eraser is that it comes in more varieties and colors to suit your style. But--the logo on the front faded pretty easily after a bit of brisk use.

Bottom line, this eraser is great compared to the regular erasers you find around the US, but if you're going to upgrade your eraser on Jetpens, I would go with the Foam. Not saying this eraser is bad, but the Foam is better at clumping and is easier to handle because of its stiffness. Since they're both the same price for .7oz, why not? But if you want to have a little taste tester with all three, then go ahead. The Matomaru won't disappoint.
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This is to offset the...
April 10, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is to offset the first review, who seems to refer to it as a scratchy EF pen. No, it is not an extra fine nib pen. Yes, the pictures are accurate. I don't know his or her opinion, but the pen I received was definitely like the one in the picture. Sure, the swirl only goes halfway around the barrel, but you can see that by clicking through the pictures.

This pen was my first flex nib pen and it does do very well. It flexes from about an extra-fine width to about 2mm (that is, if you can get ink that keeps up with it!) and does its job. Be careful to use good, smooth, quality paper as the nib will catch on the fibers of cheap copy paper (I use it on my Kokuyo Campus binder paper, which is good enough).

Everything but the clip may be made of plastic, but come on! It's a quality inexpensive pen, and for this price, were you really expecting something super high-end? And although it's been called "ugly," the blue with the swirl does make this pen very formal.
This pen is a ball-point...
March 17, 2013
This pen is a ball-point fountain pen. It's extremely stiff despite the gold plate on the nib. It was scratchy at first, but after writing a couple pages of notes it was fine. There is zero line variation and it does not write very wetly (so it doesn't waste ink). However, it can still keep up with rapid note-taking, which is good.

The pen is very aesthetically pleasing because of its gold nib and shiny white-gold body (that looks like a brighter shade of silver). The pen so far has resisted scratching even though I've really only been placing it on a table or carrying it around in a soft case, and the body color looks as if it was painted on (the inside of the cap is white). The clip is part of the cap instead of being a movable clip and the window is a nice touch.

The medium nib writes on the thinner side of most mediums I've seen. It is a tad bit thinner than the Lamy Safari's medium nibs. It writes about as thick as a 0.7 mm pen. I use it with a Pelikan C499 converter filled with Oxblood Red ink, although it fits all standard converters and ink cartridges (even long ones, which is great for taking long pages of notes).

Unfortunately, the cap does not click onto the other end when posted and thus is not as secure as I would've liked it. However, I haven't had an issue with it sliding off because it hugs the pen body quite well and I have small hands that don't interfere with the clip too much. The pen is light, although I wouldn't call it the lightest pen ever, but it is light enough to make writing quite comfortable.

Overall, I'm surprised that a handsome pen like this wasn't selling for a knockout-high price. It comes with a large blue ink cartridge that I didn't really use. It's very appealing even though the plastic body seems strange compared to the gold-plated nib and is good for writing notes and things that don't need line variation (which covers almost everything that I do). The value of this pen is great!
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I'm no expert on gel...
March 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
I'm no expert on gel ink pens as I've switched almost exclusively to fountain pens (but I use gel on the cheap copy paper you get in school on handouts since it doesn't bleed), but I'd have to say this refill writes AMAZINGLY. It's extremely smooth with no uneven lines and skipping from beginning to end. I use this with a Pentel Energel Alloy RT body (which JetPens should totally sell; I bought mine from a different site and had to wait 20 days for it!), which is heavy enough that I practically don't even have to apply pressure to write with.

The 0.7 is the perfect width as the tip allows enough ink to flow on without being scratchy in my opinion, and it's sometimes easier to write with than my FPs. The extreme smoothness IS very slippery, and I find that my cursive begins to go out of control and look messier than before because the pen's ink would make me slide past the point I intended to write with. Hahaha

But this refill is a tried and true gel ink. I swear it's a great writing experience and it's pretty inexpensive while lasting a long time! It only expired after I wrote pages upon pages of notes for a a week, and by then another shipment with another of these (and JetPen's amazing shipping speed) had already arrived. It isn't Sakura Gelly Roll, but it's smoother than ice cream without being as thick!
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:UPDATE: It's been...
February 20, 2013
Verified Purchase

It's been a while and I've been using this pen to write pages upon pages of notes! The pen flows a lot of ink and so far it's been great with keeping up with my fast, chicken scratch writing. Hahaha I've had to refill my converter every weekend!

Don't forget about the ink you use! I made a HUGE mistake with my other pens by using artists' ink. Also, I learned about priming, which is basically to get the ink flowing on the nib manually before getting the rest to flow with natural cohesion (this didn't affect me, since I used a converter). Ack, me and my lack of knowledge on pens!
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I love this paper! The...
February 2, 2013
Verified Purchase
I love this paper! The dot grid is subtle and seems to disappear once you use a dark ink on them. This paper is great for fountain pens because of its thickness that makes sure the ink doesn't bleed or feather. It's not as transparent as regular paper you get from office stores because of this extra thickness; I could barely see the black ink on the other side! I must say, though, the Sakura Gelly Roll pens will show up a bit more prominently on the other side because of the thickness the gel ink is. However, it still doesn't bleed through. The only thing that does is a fat Sharpie pen, and even then, it doesn't consistently bleed through.

The cream color is nice compared to the stark white notebook paper I used to use, and the gray lines are on the blue side, but only subtly. I like the fact that at the top of every page there is a No.____ and Date____ space (or perhaps this is uniform to a lot of Japanese paper). Although this may not matter for some, I also liked that the edges were rounded off, not cut off straight. It prevents that curling that sometimes bothers me. I prefer the 6mm ruling because my handwriting is small, and it saves paper so you go through these pages a lot more slowly than the American kind (which have about a 7mm rule and the same number of lines, even though they're bigger).

Last but certainly not least, the dot grid is a simple concept that executes phenomenally. It's extremely convenient for drawing graphs and figures, as well as giving uniform indentation margins when writing outlines for notes and the like. I love it. The 26 holes also holds the paper into the Slide binders that I use with this loosely enough to create easy page turning, but strongly enough to stay put securely.

Although this may seem really expensive compared to the 99-cent 100-page packs of American paper, get this instead with a slide binder. If you can afford to buy over $75's worth of binders, then do it. It's well worth the money, because the quality will make this binder system last longer.
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Although I gave this...
February 2, 2013
Verified Purchase
Although I gave this pen an overall 5 stars because of its final performance and design, I'd say that my initial experience was mixed. But that was my own fault.

The pen wrote right out of the package quite smoothly with the two cartridges it came with. However, the cartridges were a weaker black ink (like the black in Pilot Frixion pens), so I got the Monteverde Fountain Pen Converter (not the mini one!) to use with my own ink. After I filled it up with ink, the pen began to skip constantly and stop writing after leaving it alone (capped) for a few minutes. I had to use pressure and writing became uncomfortable with it.

I've read some other reviews that claim to have this same issue. Although my experience may not be the same as theirs, I found out that I was filling up my converter the wrong way (for the right way, check out JetPen's super helpful article http://www.jetpens.com/articles/Article:_How_to_Use_a_Fountain_Pen_Converter) and after I did it correctly, my pen was writing like before: super-smooth, no skipping, lots of ink flow and continuous writing after leaving it alone without having to tap the pen or shake it! The converter looks very fancy and stays secure without leaking.

This pen is a dream! The nib is engraved with "iridium point" and looks beautiful. The metal body is blue, not painted blue (so the blue won't wear off), although the "Dude" printed on the cap is painted on, so it will fade more quickly. The pen is relatively heavy, but my personal preference likes heavier pens. Although I expected the grip to be rubber, it was plastic. Small disappointment, but it still functioned well as a grip. The clip is REALLY tight, but not to the point it's impossible to clip anything, and the cap clicks on very firmly and securely.

The cap, when put on the other end, does not click on, but it stays there without moving until you take it back off. I'm a little concerned with the lack of a clicking mechanism, as this will wear out the barrel end. I will have to say that this "fine" point was a little ink thirsty, and thus, it wrote more like a medium point than a fine. Still, it was a nice writing experience.

Now get it. This pen is stylish and great to write with.
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Great concept, but not...
January 27, 2013
Verified Purchase
Great concept, but not an ideal execution.

The clip is nice and tight, the silver body looks great, the knock mechanism is firm and fun to press and the pen is slim and portable. I loved the idea of how the blade is very small and sticks out from a faux marker tip; it seems a lot safer even when the tip is extended out. Replacement is easy as well.

However, the grip didn't seem to be very effective, since the grooves were shallow. The thing I have to complain about most, though, is the blade. It was sharp, but I couldn't see where I was cutting and the blade didn't cut through many sheets. Hey, it's not a heavy-duty knife, but the blade wore out too quickly. For something this expensive, I expected the blade to either a) get duller more slowly or b) have cheaper refills. But with 2 minuscule blades at 4 dollars, that's a bit pricey on my terms.

I still love the concept; it's quite a novel thing to have a blade disguised as a pen. Be careful if your friends draw on themselves! I'm probably going to get the refills anyway, since I actually love this thing despite its imperfections.
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These clips were a bit...
January 22, 2013
Verified Purchase
These clips were a bit smaller than I originally thought they would be, but they can actually hold more than the 30-page capacity they're described with. I love these clips! They just put a smile on my face because they do their job yet are just so cute! They are small enough that they get in the way of flipping through pages no more than a staple will. The mechanism is easy to figure out and holds the paper VERY securely, yet is easy to remove. I thought I damaged one when the silver part came out of the colored part, but it was easy to fix and the clip worked like new (don't worry, it takes a lot to get these clips to come apart).

So pick your choice from green, blue, yellow and hot pink, whichever one you like (Note: the hot pink one likes you, too!).
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This pen was my first...
January 16, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pen was my first fountain pen. Needless to say, they got me hooked. The ink flows very smoothly and almost never gets clogged, even if you stop using for a week or two. The pen is kinda small and fat, but with the cap on at the end, it's perfectly fine.

I love this pen because of its inexpensive price, so I might plan on going on a spree for these, and it's a great gift for sure! It's just too cute, and the black blue color is amazing! The nib isn't too flexible, but I don't find it a bother.

I also like that this is a demonstration pen because of its subtly clear body. Too bad the ink runs out quickly. I love the entire Petit series!
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