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I love the aesthetic...
July 15, 2014
I love the aesthetic of this pen, its modern looks put all other entry-level pens to shame. Sadly, it sacrificed too much for that compact look. The cap is hard to pull out with one hand ( to be fair, no FP can be pull out with just one hand without dropping the cap, except the Pilot Capless because, duh, cap-less) but its snap-in mechanism make this even harder when you only has a fifth of the body to hold on. And while my nib isnt blotting or having any horrible things other reviewers complain about, it does give out uneven inkflow. Some sources said Ohto outsource their nibs to China. I cant verify the validity of this claim and i suggest you take it with an grain of salt as well. But judged from others review, a poor quality control is very likely for this line of pen. A shame.
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Is this a bootleg that...
April 26, 2014
Is this a bootleg that i got?
Back when i was looking, i was torn between this and Rotring 600, ultimately i went with this Retro 51, not only a bit cheaper but also has retractable tip which is very nice. What i got is a sturdy pen with no fault so far.
So why the low point?
When i bought it, i has expected a silver shine that shout out " I am made of metal !", but what i got a is a white body with cheap look white coating that could easily replicate with a spray can. And that coating is easily damaged as well ! I stored it in a pencil case yet after a week of use, already some edge's paint came off.
The common problem with buying online, the preview images only show you the product at its best or prototype stage, I can live with that. But when i bought a SILVER pen, i has every rights to not expect a certifiable seller like Jetpens to delivered me an WHITE pen instead.
Do not mistaken, the pen itself still very good, with its hexagon package as well, just that i feel like being taken for a fool.
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