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Reviews Written by romevi86

January 26, 2015
Perfect for the grip. Got...
Verified Purchase
Perfect for the grip.

Got this to use the grip for a modded spinning pen. The grip and pen case are perfect for mods.

January 9, 2015
One of my favorite pens....
Verified Purchase
One of my favorite pens. Uniball makes some excellent commercial writing utensils, and their pens are no exception. It’s the perfect size without being too small, and now I have to get the rest of the colors!

December 22, 2014
Toughest 0.3mm lead I’ve...
Verified Purchase
Toughest 0.3mm lead I’ve got.
I’ve gotten used to Ain as my go-to lead, so when I wanted to try 0.3mm lead when I’ve been accustomed to 0.5mm I, of course, turned to Ain.

It’s not unbreakable by any means, but out of the three different brands I’ve tried Ain seems to have broken the least.

December 12, 2014
Great pen. Too bad they...
Verified Purchase
Great pen. Too bad they don’t make this one anymore, or at least it’s no longer in stock.
I tend to write with 0.5mm points, but sometimes I like 0.3mm for margins and finer writing. 0.4mm is a great compromise for liquid pens, and is somewhat rare at the same time.

December 3, 2014
Great strong lead. This...
Verified Purchase
Great strong lead. This is my first lead in the 0.3mm range; before, the thinnest I’ve used is 0.5mm.

I enjoy writing with 0.3mm when spacing and margins are narrow, though sometimes, because I’m a heavy writer, the lead breaks easily.

Such is the case with this lead, but it doesn’t break as frequently as other brands I’ve used.

November 20, 2014
Works great, though maybe...
Verified Purchase
Works great, though maybe it could use a better grip. I’m using it right now on my California pencil and it works charmingly. The teeth have a nice grip, and now I’m able to use my pencils comfortably to the very end.

It’s a little expensive for what I consider quality, as it’s pretty light and almost flimsy, but the grip does get the job done. I just wish there were some rubber grips on it.

November 10, 2014
Fantastic highlighter...
Verified Purchase
Fantastic highlighter with a neat little gimmick. It’s a double-sided highlighter, so you have different points, but the standard-sized chisel has a clear insert with ink running around it. The clear insert is to help you see what you’re highlighting before you highlight so you can stop where you actually want instead of stopping mid-sentence or mid-word, unintentionally highlighting text you didn’t want.

As an actual highlighter it’s okay. The ink tends to be light and doesn’t smear on an juicy over long blocks of text. Still, it’s neat to have while you get use out of it.

October 24, 2014
Good pen, better grip....
Verified Purchase
Good pen, better grip. I got this pen specifically to use the grip in a spinning pen mod, but the pen itself was a bonus. While it’s not my favorite gel pen, it does spill the ink very boldly.
Nevertheless, it does flow out a little too much for my taste. I tend to keep the pen rolling on the paper and I have to stop and pick up the pen every so often since it bleeds.

October 16, 2014
This is my first 0.3mm...
Verified Purchase
This is my first 0.3mm pencil and at first I didn’t like it as I wrote to thin, but after a while I found great use for it. I have very small handwriting but have always stayed in the 0.5mm range. But I’ve been wanting to try this pencil as I heard many good things about the 0.5mm version.

First thing is that 0.3mm wasn’t good for me for speed writing. I hold my pencils very firmly and press against paper with a lot of weight, so there’s a lot of pressure on pen tips and pencil lead. As such, I couldn’t use this for class notes. However, it did work wonderfully when I was writing on my own desk at home, whether for taking margin notes or writing through work books.

The pen is sturdy as my other Graph Gear, though some of the black paint around the grip has started to wear off, exposing the metal underneath.

October 1, 2014
A very fine pen--literally....
Verified Purchase
A very fine pen--literally. It’s slightly smaller than my 0.30 pens, which is the smallest I’d go for daily writing. I tend to have small writing, but going with a very fine point size tends to warp and/or break the writing instruments, especially since I tend to have a hard grip as well.

As usual, Uni-ball makes a great, solid pen. Every one that I own of their line is extremely durable, and this fine point pen is no exception.