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by far one of the coolest...
August 2, 2011
by far one of the coolest looking pencils, but also probably the most uncomfortable pencil ever. they should be giving these things away for free since they're so bad. the grip is awful and is a dust collector. I bought mine from taiwan for ~4 USD and stopped using it after the "novelty item" effect wore off about a week later.
one of the best alpha...
July 27, 2011
one of the best alpha gel pencils.
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Lead: Very nice. It's...
May 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
Very nice. It's pretty strong so it works for me. But when it comes down to it...i prefer this over the pentel ain hi-polymer led.

Super cool. If you think that the hi-polymer led dispenser is cool....this is just awesome! It's sleek and you just turn the top cap to the side to slide the led out. It fits much better in a pencil case than the ain does b/c there's no finger thing sticking out of it.

Also, the viewing window is orange tinted which is pretty cool. sorta makes the leads look orange-ish...^^
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Just to update my previous...
May 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
Just to update my previous review...
This has become the top ball point pen in my case. After you get the ink flowing...it works really well. The grip (after being broken in) is exactly like that of the alpha gel original series (pencil) cept it\'s just a bit firmer which is very nice.

I still think the price is a bit steep but ~shrug~ what can you do.
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I wanted a fun gel pen...
May 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
I wanted a fun gel pen and picked this particular one cuz of the name and b/c I remembered that gelly rolls used to be popular and quite reliable/fun. Anyways, I think that I made a great purchase. I don't know how long the ink in this pen will last, but I've used this for about a month now and the ink level is still very high.

One problem is that the gel is wet and can smear. Also, it can bleed through thin binder/filler paper and thin leaf books.
Decently priced refill....cept...
May 22, 2011
Verified Purchase
Decently priced refill....cept in a way it costs just as much as a regular jetstream pen.
I bought this as a backup so we'll see how long the ink lasts in my alpha gel jetstream.
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Good Stuff Pros: -...
May 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
Good Stuff
- Decently priced jetstream pen. $2.75 would be a fairer price...
- Jetstream technology
- Most all of the pen is covered in a thin layer of rubber ^^ good stuff
- From a visual standpoint, it looks better than its high-class brother the alpha gel jetstream ($15)
- The top of the pen at the clicker...very nice....dunno if you can see it in the pictures well enough to appreciate it

- I still dislike the pricing....

- Better buy than the alpha gel jetstream. Hands down. I'll keep my alpha-gel jetstream just cuz, but...i tend to reach for this pen when i'm taking notes.
- Don't be afraid to lose this one. It's cheap enough to replace.
- Best jetstream body on the market
I just received mine...
May 11, 2011
Verified Purchase
I just received mine and I love it ^^ Here\'s some pros/cons of the pen:

- Jetstream = super nice for a ballpoint pen
- alpha gel grip (it takes 1-2 days to \"break in\" but once it\'s broken in, the grip will feel like the grip from the alpha gel original series.same texture and squish
- refillable: i definitely wanted a pen which i could refill. why pay for a pen body if you can\'t refill it ~shrug~ anyways...the refills cost $ and reviews say that the blue refill sucks soooo we\'ll see. I bought an extra black refill just in case.
- METAL! xD feels good. the end/body of the pen is skinnier than expected.

- Grip\'s a dirt/fuzz magnet more so than the other grips. (see below for a fuzz rating xD) I put a touch of hand cream on the grip and rubbed it in. I do this for all of my alpha gel grips because it helps to break the grip in faster and keeps the grip slick enough so that dirt/fuzz doesn\'t cling to it.
- it\'s a ballpoint....but one of the better ones

Side Notes:
- The Zebra B2A1 is a nice full metal (duel color) ballpoint as well. I actually prefer to use the zebra to write on binder paper over the uni jetstream.
- This being said...the $$ really?.... -____- whatever
- I also bought the full-rubber grip jetstream and in my opinion, from a visual standpoint, the rubber jetstream looks a ton sicker than the alpha gel one. It\'s not how the pen looks laying on a table...it\'s how it looks in your hand when you\'re writing w/it.
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Can this compete with...
April 6, 2011
Can this compete with the uni alpha gels? Debatable.
After looking to complete...
March 18, 2011
After looking to complete my pencil case with a kuru toga, I chose this pencil. Very happy with it.

- Combines the kuru toga technology with an alpha gel grip. This makes it better than other kuru togas because it combines two favorites into 1 pencil
- I bought the red grip version because it looked nicer online. The ones with the colored barrels did not appeal to me since I wanted a colored grip. Furthermore, red was more visually appealing than black or the teal colored grip
- More on the grip. There's a simple red grip below the alpha gel grip. Guess this makes it squishier? Looks cool though.
- The grip has more traction than any other alpha gels. Yet, the best grip is still on the non-shaka, HD alpha gels.
- Now for the mechanism. VERY COOL. haha...I don't use my shaka shaker anymore since at times, it just feels cheap. I use the kuru toga for writing notes and the Metal barrel HD for jotting things down.
- Stupid, yes. BUT there's NO japanese "uni" sticker on this!!! I find this awesome since the uni label will fall off over time and looks downright awful after much use. Instead, the labels are printed on the barrel of the pencil which is much nicer. See, little things like this make this pencil a tad better than the other alpha gels.

- The color of the grip isn't as vivid as it looks online.
- The barrel etc is all plastic. However, the kuru toga mechanism/the main pencil part is metal which is very nice.
- Grip isn't as squishy as other alpha gels. The shaka shaker version is the squishiest, followed by the HD. This kuru toga firmer than both of these grips.
- Not a shaker pencil. + i haven't found a way to take it apart and insert a shaker. downer
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