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For a while, my dad hated...
January 12, 2013
Verified Purchase
For a while, my dad hated these pencils. he thought there was no comparison between them and Ticonderoga pencils(for some sick, twisted reason). He had never used this pencil before, and we did a test between them. Once he started writing with this Uni, he was immediately hooked on it. I love this pencil, its lead width is superior for writing and it doesn't snap like the 0.3mm I have. It writes really smoothly and doesn't leave your hand tired after hours of drawing and writing because it is so well weighted at the bottom end. The locking mechanism is awesome for protecting the pipe and it is one-hand-friendly, you just have to know how. Cosmetically, the paint wears out on the top after a while, but that has absolutely nothing to do with its performance. For writing and drawing, go with this. It will never let you down and will last you for ever.
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Ever since I moved to...
January 7, 2013
Ever since I moved to the States, I've been ticked off at Dixon's Ticonderoga pencils. They don't sharpen without the lead snapping, and are all-round horrible pencils. The M-301 SAVED. MY. SANITY. Somehow, SOMEONE thought of a pencil design that actually made sense. I have used these for about 3 years now, and they are the most well-rounded pencils I have ever used.

Here's the pros:

1. Indestructible stainless steel body. The metal making up the tube is actually quite thick.
2. Perfectly balanced.
3. Basic-but-insanely-comfortable grip that simply does not let the pencil slide around at all.
4. Low-profile
5. Steel guide pipe, also indestructible
6. The clip does not get in the way ever
7. Aesthetically sound. This pencil looks awesome in all four corners of the Earth.
8. Nothing will ever kill the mechanism while the pencil is in one piece. the clutch is made of metal.
9. Easy disassembly and reassembly, and when you put it back together, it all fits perfectly which gets us to...
10. So solidly built that it is the SSD of pencils. Water doesn't get in either.
11. Works perfectly with every brand of lead
12. lead holder holds 12 leads at once. the leads seldom break in the holder even when you chuck it at a wall. Take this on holiday.
13. Cheap. two dollars. you can get two at staples for 3.50, I believe.
14. Made in Japan. The pencil itself has Japan written on it. You know it's well-made now.


1. I cannot twirl it.

I really wish i could get over my habit of losing pencils. I have gone through about eight of these suckers, and they are probably now scattered all over my house and they will continue to be there after all evidence of human civilization is gone from the earth. It is the perfect balance for anyone, whether they want a pencil that will draw, or write five page essays, or work in Antarctica. These things won't let you down, and if they do, buy a new one.
This pencil is ridiculously...
January 7, 2013
Verified Purchase
This pencil is ridiculously good. It has a nice center of gravity which helps a ton with drawing lines. its shift mechanism protects the nib and lead perfectly. If you're a manga-ka like me, this pencil is perfect. However, i agree with the other users saying the plastic makes it feel too fragile, I would really like it if it were made completely of metal. nevertheless, the pencil's build is deceptively solid. The parts don't rattle loosely at all. The only misgiving I have about it is that the pencil lead snaps very easily, but that's probably because it's a 0.3mm lead rather than a defect with the pencil itself. other than that, I would recommend this pencil to anyone. Probably the best 16 dollars you can spend on a pencil!
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