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Just received this sharpener...
April 23, 2011
Verified Purchase
Just received this sharpener and it's great! Very light, mostly plastic except for the burr blades. No manual but none needed. As mentioned, push the orange button in for blunt and out for long point. Open the lever on front to push pencil in, then extent the movable front face to hold long pencils in place for sharpening.

The long point pencils this sharpener produce are fantastic, better than any manual hand sharpeners I've used. I don't much care for the blunt points it makes but I don't have that need either.

Very happy with sharpener. Highly recommend for artists too.
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Bought the .5 & .7 for...
January 16, 2011
Bought the .5 & .7 for sketching and drawing. Love using the .7 with harder leads like 2H for sketching. This size resists breaking because it's thinker. Then I use the .5 with HB lead to make the final lines.

Both are wonderful instruments for drawing. Just don't try to shade with them, use wooden pencils for that.
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