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This is a wonderful pen,...
December 13, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is a wonderful pen, in every respect. I have many of them, almost the entire range of colours. And spare cartridges bought separately.

They are just as beautiful as they are pictured here at jetpens! (And you get to touch them and write with them - sweet experience, esp since jetpens delivers so quickly, like in a fairy tale!)

Sturdy and trustworthy writing buddies.

Smooth and reliable ink flow.

They are NOT DISPOSABLE as someone wrote on Dec 3, 2013, come on! - the proprietary cartridge can be replaced or refilled with non-proprietary ink.

They have a special ingenious design that allows the inner chamber to be sealed almost hermetically (air-tightly) while the cap is on - so the ink does not evaporate like it happens with non-screw-cap fountain pens - the ink stays the same colour and does not get darker as it does when exposed to air while one is not writing (I love it).

Petit1 is small in length but is NOT small at all - for average hands it feels even bulkier than most traditional-design plumes.

I, while thinking between scribbling sessions, just look at the pen in the hand, admiring the enticing yet basically very simple Japanese design.

And - not the least - have you noticed the price? Buy as many as you want while they are available - and enjoy the art of writing!
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Costomer reviews are...
June 1, 2011
Verified Purchase
Costomer reviews are usually helpful - before considering a product, I scroll down the reviews, hoping those are genuine, client, ones.

Now, this this pen is so extraordinary, that I have decided to write a review, too, to make sure to praise the writing wonderpen!

First, the price / quality ratio is amazing! It is a very well-crafted stylo à plume, like the Japanese make them, epecially the Pilot company. (I have recently realized that I have many Pilot pens and mech. pencils - more than those manufactured any other firm.)

So, the Penmanship is yet another addition to that fine, legendary family.

I read here that with this pen some buyers have had some problems - well, mine started writing beautifully from the very first stroke. Ideal ink flow, perfect line, strong and flexible enough nib (the same the Prera has, only the EF calibre). I fell in love with this pen and crave grabbing it, going back to it the moment I can. You need a good paper though to have an optimal writing experience - but the Penmanship will write well on virtually any paper.

I intend buying one more of this pen, to carry one around and to keep one home, in a safer environment. Arigato, Pilot team! And thanks to JetPens for importing and promptly delivering the products.
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