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Reviews Written by fzerowing

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Kokuyo KadoKeshi Stick Mini Twist Eraser - Lime Green - KOKUYO KESHI-HU600LG
  Eraser is really good..., September 2, 2010
Eraser is really good for small errors and detailed erasing like on a drawing or draft.
Tombow Mono Super Easy-Erasing Eraser - TOMBOW EL-KA
  Fantastic eraser, lasts..., September 2, 2010
Fantastic eraser, lasts quite long and erases nicely w/o putting too much pressure. I have been using mine for around 5-6 months now and still have about half of it still.
Nomadic PN-02 Side Pocket Pencil Case - Navy - NOMADIC EPN 02 NAVY
  Case is fantastic...I..., May 9, 2010
Case is fantastic...I had a Sura John and Mary sack-like case which was small and I needed a larger case for the many pens and mechanical pencils that I started to collect....This case was probably the best solution to my problems it's a good size, not too large or too small, fits decently in cargo pants/shorts side pockets and is able to carry a lot of material and I mean a lot, I even have a small stapler, ruler and a KUM pencut scissor in there and all fit w/o a problem; the window in the front is very helpful if you are storing lead or in my case an eraser. In short I recommend this product it can handle much of what you can throw at it and is very spacious...definitely worth it's 10 dollars
Metaphys Viss Spiral Eraser - Orange - METAPHYS 44050-OR
  The only thing this eraser..., November 18, 2009
The only thing this eraser is got for it is it's design and looks...other than that it has mediocre erasing ability and if you erase to fast with a little too much pressure one ring by itself will tear off...and that is probably the only way to erase with this thing since lite erasing doesn't seem to favor the material this thing is made of. I suggest you spend this money on a Kokuyo which is actually has fantastic erasing ability and has a great design.
Sura John & Mary Pencil Pouch - Small - Grey on Black - SURA PBS912G
  very very good pencil..., September 2, 2007
very very good pencil pouch......spacious indeed ,although at first i thought it was a tad too small....i take back what i said it can fit 4 mechanical pencils, 1 eraser (varies on size) and 2-4 pens.
Sura John & Mary Pencil Pouch - Large - Green on Black - SURA PBS912D
  to the guy b4 me....its..., September 2, 2007
to the guy b4 me....its meant for both genders.....i am a guy and i own one.....people don't really care ....cause its just a pencil pouch unless its like pink
1 to 6 (of 6 )