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Reviews Written by wckd79

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Kuretake No. 40 Fountain Hair Brush Pen - Sable Hair + Refill - KURETAKE DV140-40
  Sorry, link was cut on..., November 29, 2010
Sorry, link was cut on in my previous post. Here is one that will fit.
Kuretake No. 40 Fountain Hair Brush Pen - Sable Hair + Refill - KURETAKE DV140-40
  I wanted to post again..., November 29, 2010
I wanted to post again after having used this pen for over a year now. Again I have to say it is the best brush pen I have found. I have used about everyone offered on this site, and some other random and cheap ones I have found other places. I also have been using platinum carbon ink in it as opposed to the regular kuretake that it comes with, and I find it works better this way. I recommend this pen to anyone.
Noodler's Ink - Specialty Ink - 4.5 oz Eye Dropper System - Heart of Darkness + Free Fountain Pen - NOODLERS 19808
  So far I my opinion of..., May 18, 2009
So far I my opinion of this ink is pretty positive from using it ink in a brush pen. The dropper is pretty handy, the ink is very dark and applies and flows through the pen smoothly. The bottle is much bigger then what I assumed from the pictures, I should be able to refill my ink cartridges for awhile on this one bottle. I would say it was def worth $19 if your looking for a very deep black ink.

As for the free fountain pen.. it is a very inexpensive pen. I am not sure why the poster previously is not rating the product on the ink itself but the free gift that comes with it? There is a small rubber gasket around the pen where it unscrews to fill the ink, turning it too tight can break the seal and permit the ink to leak, I noticed it when filling it for the 1st time... probably what happened to them. Kinda like a to tight oil filter.
Kuretake No. 40 Fountain Hair Brush Pen - Sable Hair + Refill - KURETAKE DV140-40
  I just received my Kuretake..., May 14, 2009
I just received my Kuretake no. 40 and have to agree with the previous poster. The difference the natural brush made is apparent from the first stroke. The level of control and detail it gives is very high. I do not use them for art so I can not comment on using them to draw, only for writing kanji as I am learning Japanese. I have used chearp felt tips, decent synthetic nylons, and now this sable hair. Definately a very nice brush pen, very simple an elegant in style as well. I do not find it very heavy at all either, but sticking on the cap on the back end in use does add a bit of weight to it.

And thank you to Jet Pens for supplying us with all these great products and on the fast service on all my orders.
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