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I bought this pen as...
October 18, 2013
I bought this pen as a daily writer to use with a converter, and have not used the supplied cartridge. I should add that the converter cost more than the pen.

After 'running in' the nib, I find it writes at the level of far pricier pens.

The perception of others is also that actually it is a far pricier pen.

All up, very happy - probably really a 4+, but the value for money aspect warrants the 5.
Bought the pen, then...
February 1, 2013
Verified Purchase
Bought the pen, then read the review. Did have the initial inkflow problem, but have experienced this before with steel nibs, so decided to 'run it in'. This meant a couple of minutes trying to write on rough paper. No problems with inkflow thereafter, and writes well.

However, decided that a converter was required because of the cost of Zebra cartridges and no substitute cartridges that fitted. Found that a Parker (deluxe version) converter did the job. The cost of these is well above the pen, but a better option than cartridges.

Reasonable value for the price. The pen cost v cartridge cost equation doesn't cut it though.
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