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Excellent sharpener....
October 14, 2011
Verified Purchase
Excellent sharpener. After my Panasonic Auto-stop sharpener broke down, I was skeptical that I could find a sharpener that could match its quality. I'm glad I was proven wrong. I'm an artist who works mainly with colored pencils, mostly Prismacolor, and a high quality sharpener is EVERYTHING in this medium. I'm glad that this sharpener sharpens the pencils to a point thats sharp enough to color with, but not too sharp that it will break. I also like that the sharpener does not mangle the wood with its jaws and that it does not make too much of a grinding noise when sharpening. I will be buying this sharpener again if my current one breaks, which I hope it won't too soon :)

Fellow Artists: This is the best sharpener for all of your pencil needs!
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